Hey guys, TBSD here with (another) blog! This is part of my weekly blog series 'The Walking Complaints'; a series of blogs about what irritates certain members of our community. This weeks topic- What if TBSD replaced Darabont instead of Mazzara?


This blog contains bad language and episode rewrites that are borderline fanfiction. However, they tie in to my blog theme this week (Mazzara), and are there to give the reader a feel of how the show could differ from the comic but still remain awesome. Please enjoy and keep all rude comments to yourself. Constructive critique is welcomed. I know there are probably some typos but I can't be arsed looking for all of them. I didn't write up small character development scenes as I didn't have the time or willpower, though I did describe some specific development scenes. Please enjoy!

What I would have done- Season 2

1. Improved storylines for Beth, Jimmy and Patricia.

2. Kill Patricia and T-Dog in Beside the Dying Fire, keep Jimmy alive.

3. No Randall storyline. Instead, bring in Tyreese and his comic group, and run the suicide pact storyline. This could also develop Beth if she formed a frienship with Julie, as it would end her suicide arc in a better way.

4. Let Jeffrey DeMunn come back. He was stupid to ask to leave but they should have been relieved to have him back. Without Dale at the prison, Hershel was forced to take over his comic role; while also keeping his own comic role.

5. Daryl is forced to confront his racist upbringing as he becomes friends with Tyreese. Daryl becomes interesting again as a result and Ty gets to be Rick's main man.

6. Andrea doesn't run away on her own. She makes it to the campfire seen at the end.

7. Rick gives his 'We are the walking dead' speech instead of his 'No more democracy' speech.

8. The end scene is Michonne walking through downtown Atlanta with her pet walkers.

TBSD's comments: I changed the deaths as I see Jimmy as having more potential than T-Dog. I changed Daryl's role in order to make the character interesting again and have Tyreese become Rick's right hand man. I also deliberately avoided the Andrea/Governor storyline.

What I would have done- Season 3


Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

Laurie Holden as Andrea

Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath

Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene

Steven Yeun as Glenn

Chad Coleman as Tyreese

James Allen McCune as Jimmy

Also Starring:

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene

Mark Boone Junior as Axel

Idris Elba as Lee Everett

Lew Temple as Thomas Richards

Vincent Ward as Dexter

Danai Gurira as Michonne

Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon

David Morrissey as The Governor

Sam Anderson as Doc Stevens

AnnaSophia Robb as Alice

Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinez

Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuels

TBSD's comments: I changed Axel's actor from Lew Temple to Mark Boone Junior as he bears a closer resemblance to Axel's comic counterpart. I changed Temple's role to that of Thomas Richards, the infamous prison serial killer. I changed Vincent Ward's character from Oscar to Dexter and replaced Andrew with Lee Everett (Idris Elba), who provides a welcome contrast to Dexter. I reduced the credits of David Morissey and Michael Rooker as they don't play as large a part in my rewrite, and promoted James Allen McCune, as he would play a large role. I also cast Sam Anderson (Lost) and AnnaSophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries) as Doc Stevens and Alice respectively. Lizzie Samuels was included as an almost background character, who would have a more significant in future seasons.

Ep 1

Opening is similar to the one in the actual episode. Hershel says that Lori needs somewhere safe to have the baby and someone mentions the prison. Rick argues that it is far too risky to clear it but Lori's need for a safe place to give birth forces his hand. The prison is cleared in a similar way to the actual episode. It ends with the prisoners in the cafeteria and the meatloaf quote. Prisoners are Axel, Dexter, Thomas Richards and Lee Everett (In the show his transport didn't crash and he reached prison).

TBSD's comments: I enjoyed Seed and decided to keep the majority of the episode, accept for the addition of Tyreese and Jimmy in the clearing of the prison. I decided to let Hershel keep his leg as a similar event will happen in a later episode. I replaced the TV introduction of the Prisoners with the comic one, as I found it to be both surprising and funny.

Ep 2

Rick's group joins the prisoners. Dexter takes some of the group on a tour of the prison. Rick and Lori talk about Shane, and Carl walks in on them. Carl tells Lori that he killed zombie Shane, at which point she sends him and help Carol clean the cafeteria. She then shouts at Rick for allowing Carl to do it, even though it wasn't his fault. Dale, Andrea, Lee and Axel find the generator while Daryl and Glenn find the library. They run into Beth who asks where the library is. The episode ends with Jimmy and Hershel finding Beth's decapitated body in the library.

TBSD's comments: This episode would be mostly a character development episode, but I can't be arsed to write out long conversations. I replaced the hair salon in the comics with a library in order to make it a little less obvious for any comic readers watching the episode. To me, Beth was the most expendable and vulnerable character at the time; which made her a perfect candidate for the killer's first victim.

Ep 3

Rick finds Hershel and Jimmy. He locks up both Dexter and Lee on Death Row as he suspects them for Beth's murder, mostly because they both killed someone before the outbreak. Jimmy blames Daryl and Glenn for Beth dying, saying that they told her where to find the library. He tries to punch Daryl, who then storms off in anger. Carol consoles Daryl and they have a 'moment'. Glenn apologises to Maggie for what happened to beth but Maggie ignores him. Dale takes a still angry Jimmy to help him find gas for the generator while Maggie stands watch in the guard tower. Jimmy is distracted by his anger, which results in Dale being bitten on the ankle. Carol is surprised by Thomas in the guard tower, he swings a machete at her.

TBSD's comments: This is the main reason I included Lee. Including another prisoner who killed someone provides a contrast to Dexter's anger, which you will see in the next few descriptions. I threw in some specific development for both Jimmy, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie in this episode. I included Dale being bitten in the foot as he was in the comics to replace Hershel suffering the same fate. Carol replaces comic Andrea in the role of Thomas' next potential victim.

Ep 4

Carol pushes Thomas over the railing of the guard tower, attracting the attention of Daryl and Rick. Daryl beats the shit out of Thomas until Rick manages to pull him off. Meanwhile Jimmy screams for help, causing Axel and Glenn to rush to his aid. They carry Dale inside to Hershel, who amputates his leg. Andrea talks with Tyreese and they agree to help clear out the gym. Rick lets Lee and Dexter out of their cells and throws Thomas in. Lee is grateful and understands but Dexter is bitter. Jimmy visits Dale in the infirmary and apologises for what happened, Dale forgives him. Tyreese and Andrea begin to clear the gym. Hershel confronts Thomas and says that he forgives him, before shooting him in the head. Andrea runs to the gunshot and Tyreese stays in the gym to hold off the walkers. The main group are in the cafeteria and are confused by the gunshot. Lori notices that Hershel isn't there and Glenn and Maggie leave to investigate. Dexter takes advantage of the confusion and puts a gun to Carl's head, threatening to kill him if the group doesn't leave. Lee shoots Dexter in the head, saying that no one should threaten a child.

TBSD's comments: More development for Mr Dixon; the hot-tempered redneck instead of the perfect sidekick though. One again, Lee provides a contrast to Dexter; and his actions at the end of the episode mirror his behaviour in the game, where he is protective of children. To me, Hershel deserved to kill Thomas for what he did; which caused me to write him as the 'executioner'. I also included a better written version of the gym scene for comic fans.

Ep 5

Rick thanks Lee for saving Carl and apologises for locking him up. Lori comforts Carl, even though he is surprisingly indifferent about what happened. Glenn and Maggie comfort Hershel, who has broken down after killing Thomas. Andrea finds them, and asks Glenn where to find Rick. Andrea tells the group in the canteen about Tyreese. Rick, Lee and Daryl go with Andrea to the gym; only to find the walkers dead and Tyreese propped in the corner. Tyreese is taken to the infirmary and Andrea kisses him. Dale tells Tyreese that he is lucky to have her. Daryl visits Carol in her cell, where she is still scared after being attacked by Thomas. Hershel and Daryl throw Thomas's body to the walkers and Hershel says that he wants to watch. Daryl stands with Hershel but walks away like Billy in the comics. Hershel sheds a single tear.

TBSD's comments: A resolution for the gym scene was obviously needed. Daryl receives more specific development in order to make him a better character. The Tyreese/Andrea relationship replaces the Dale/Andrea relationship, which would feel out of place after their portrayal in season 2. This would be another character development episode.

Ep 6

Rick, Axel, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie leave on a prison bus to bring the Vatos to the prison. They arrive to find the building overrun and Rick kills an undead Guillermo. They notice that all of the walkers are covered in bullet holes, and they come to the conclusion that they were shot. They loot the remaining food and medicine. As they leave, they notice the van that was stolen in Season 1 across the street. In the back, they find Merle Dixon's black jacket from Season 1 covered in blood. Axel asks if there is any chance that Merle could still be around but Daryl ignores him. The group leaves on the bus however it breaks down outside Wiltshire Estates. The group agrees to stay the night and they clear one of the houses. The following day they attempt to loot the houses and Rick is forced to fire his gun, alerting countless walkers to their presence. The group is forced to leave in a nearby car, without the supplies they took from the nursing home.

TBSD's comments: This episode mirrors the original intent for the season 2 premiere, and it also foreshadows both the Governor and the reappearance of Merle Dixon. I included Wiltshire Estates as the two people who visted in season 2, Shane and Andrea, are not with the group. The episode is a bottleneck on the scouting party and provides much needed development for Axel.

Ep 7

Hershel is reading his bible in his cell, Jimmy tries to approach him but is stopped by Lee; who asks him to help clear out one of the cell blocks. Dale wakes in the infirmary to find that Andrea and Tyreese have made a wooden leg for him, he thanks them and they ask him to come down to the gym. They escort him down to the gym; where Lori, Carol and Carl have put up a 'congratulations' banner and several balloons to celebrate his recovery. Lee and Jimmy enter one of the cell blocks, where they find the prisoners have starved and reanimated in their cells. They put down the prisoners and they notice the door for the armory. They are attacked by a reanimated guard in riot gear however it can't bite them because of it's face guard. The walker is killed by Hershel, who followed them. They unlock the door with keys from the guard, only to find it empty. Disappointed, they head back to the main cell block. Andrea and Tyreese help Dale outside so he can get some fresh air. Dale notices a smoking helicopter in the sky and points it out to Andreaa and Tyreese. They see the helicopter crash in the distance. The camera pans out over the woods to reveal Michonne watching the smoke over the treeline.

TBSD's comments: A bottleneck episode focusing on those remaining at the prison. This episode features a large amount of development for Dale and Hershel's comeback from depression. Michonne is finally revealed, in a mysterious way similar to the teaser at the end of Issue 18. The helicopter is also included as a means of luring the group to Woodbury.

Ep 8

Tyreese, Andrea, Lee and Jimmy leave the prison to investigate the helicopter. They reach the crash site only to find footprints leading away from the site. They notice a sign for Woodbury. They hotwire a car begin to drive in that direction. Meanwhile at the prison, Rick's scavenging group returns. Rick asks where Tyreese is and Lori tells them about the helicopter. Rick tells the group about the Vatos and the van. Tyreese's group arrives at Woodbury, where armed men force them to leave the car. The leader of the men is revealed to be Merle, who apologises for what happened. Merle takes the group to meet the Governor, who welcomes them to Woodbury. The Governor asks Merle to tell Martinez about the new arrivals. The Governor shows the group his walker arena, and he explains that he feeds the walkers in order to keep them calm. Jimmy tries to punch the Governor, but one of his men blocks the punch and breaks Jimmy's arm. He tells the group not to move or he will kill them. Lee tries to fight back and the Governor runs him through with a machete.

TBSD's comments: I chose the group that left to find the helicopter as they were the strongest people left at the prison. Merle Dixon reappears in this episode as one of the Governor's men. The Governor surprises the group as he did in the comics, which to me is far more shocking than the National Guard attack. Jimmy's broken arm replaces Rick's lost hand as it can recover over time, removing the need for constant use of special effects to remove the hand. Lee is killed to show how ruthless the Governor is. He is the most expendable of the characters sent to Woodbury, as I have plotlines for the others. However I would agree that his character has far more potential.

Ep 9

The episode begins with a montage of scenes depicting what happened after the last episode (Jimmy is taken to a horrified Doc Stevens, Tyreese is thrown in a room and beaten by the Governor's men, Andrea is chained to a wall by Bruce while the Governor threatens her with rape). Doc Stevens introduces Jimmy to his assistant, Alice. Jimmy asks them about the Governor and they tell him about how he runs Woodbury. They are interrupted by Merle, who is carrying a young girl (Lizzie) with a broken ankle. Jimmy confronts Merle about what the Governor did and Merle punches a wall. He explains to Jimmy that he told the Governor not to hurt the group because he knew Andrea. An angry Doc Stevens forces Merle to leave, asking if he would leave people he didn't know at the Governor's mercy. Andrea is still chained up when another woman is thrown into the same room as her. She recognises the woman as another attorney who she worked with in the past, Michonne. Merle visits Tyreese, who attacks him on sight. Merle calms Tyreese down and asks him where he can find the prison, to let Rick know about what has happened. Tyreese tells him and just as Merle opens the door to leave he hears the sound of the Governor raping Michonne through the air vent. He turns to see Tyreese cover his ears and then leaves the room.

TBSD's comments: As shown in the description; Jimmy, Andrea and Tyreese take the Woodbury roles of Rick, Michonne and Glenn respectively. I included Stevens, Alice and Bruce as they are farmore interesting than TV Woodbury's redshirts. Merle Dixon is shown to be an 'asshole with morals' in the episode, though his morals seemingly win over at the end. The ending would cause some comic viewers to believe Merle would be a comic Martinez counterpart who would give the Go ernor the prison's location. Lizzie Samuels is included to show Merle's decent side. The past between Andrea and Michonne gives them a bond as they suffer at the hands of the Governor (both comic Michonne and TV Andrea were attorneys). Andrea and Tyreese's relationship makes Tyreese's Woodbury scenes even more distressing, showing the viwer how evil the Governor is.

Ep 10

Merle and Martinez are shown sneaking through the streets of Woodbury at night. When the guards aren't looking, they escape over the wall. Meanwhile at the prison, Rick and Daryl leave to try and find Tyreese, Andrea, Jimmy and Lee. They reach the helicopter crash site and they too notice the Woodbury sign. Merle and Martinez step out of the woods and reveal themselves to Rick and Daryl. Rick holds Merle at gunpoint while Daryl does the same to Martinez. Daryl asks Merle how he got out of Atlanta and Merle explains how he came across the Governor's group; who said they were helping out in a nursing home until a group of Mexicans killed the old people and tried to kill them. Rick says that he doesn't trust Merle after the rooftop in Atlanta but Merle says he will have to if he wants to see Tyreese's group again. Rick reluctantly agrees to go with Merle and Martinez to Woodbury. Cut to Merle, Martinez, Rick and Daryl outside Woodbury; again at night. They sneak over the wall and reach the storage facility where Tyreese, Andrea and Michonne are being kept. Merle and Daryl overpower the guards and the group saves Tyreese. They are shocked to find Andrea bloodied and beaten in the next room, and Michonne is in a worse state. They leave to get Jimmy from the 'hospital' but Michonne says she will catch up with them. They enter the 'hospital' and Merle tells Daryl to help Doc Stevens and Alice pack as much medicine as they can. Merle notices that Martinez is gone and he tells Daryl to leave with the others. Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Andrea, Jimmy, Lizzie, Alice and Doc Stevens flee Woodbury. As they leave, Doc is shot in the head by a Woodbury sniper. Michonne confronts the Governor in his flat and knocks him out. Merle catches Martinez and stabs him in the neck with his knife-hand, however a guard sees him and alerts the other guards. Merle kills two of them but they manage to knock him out.

TBSD's comments: The duo of Merle and Martinez gives more precedence to the theory that one of them may be the Governor's man, which turns out to be true. Rick and Merle are forced to make a truce in order to save Tyreese, Andrea and Jimmy; and a large point would be made of the fact that Merle was bigh during the rooftop scene. Merle is shown to be a loyal yet angry character, however he is not as despicable as he was in early season 3. I know I disliked Doc's comic death but I felt I had to include as having three 'doctors' at the prison (Hershel, Stevens and Alice) would be too much. The final Michonne scene foreshadows the Governor getting the 'Issue 27 Treatment', while Merle's killing of Martinez gives the people of Woodbury a greater reason to want to hurt the prison crew.

Ep 11

Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Andrea, Jimmy, Lizzie and Alice make it back to the prison. Rick calls a group meeting in the cafeteria where he explains what happened with the Governor. When Merle is mentioned Tyreese tells Daryl that he blames Merle for what happened, which causes Daryl to attack Tyreese. The two get into a fight which ends with Tyreese breaking Daryl's nose. Hershel and Alice tend to Daryl's injuries while Rick shouts at Tyreese for taking out his anger on Daryl. Andrea stops the arguing by telling the group what the Governor did to her and Michonne. Rick tells the group that they will assault Woodbury and kill the Governor for what he did. He says that he will take Carl and Alice on a run to his hometown, to get the guns from the police station. Glenn, Maggie, Axel, Jimmy and Hershel go on a supply run to a supermarket, where they run in to one of the Governor's scouting parties led by Bruce. Bruce shoots Axel but he is saved by the riot gear he is wearing. The remainder of the scouting party is shot by Glenn's group. Michonne arrives at the prison just as Rick, Carl and Alice are leaving. She tells them that the Governor is dead.

TBSD's comments: The fight between Tyreese and Daryl replaces the one between Tyreese and Rick in the comics, as it makes mores sense in the situation. The supply run from the comics is included to show that the Governor's men are just as eager for a fight as he is. The end of the episode sets up for the next one, a remix of 'Clear'.

Ep 12

The same as the actual episode (Clear) except with Alice in the place of Michonne. Rick is worried she is a spy like Martinez so he wants to see how she reacts to the 'gun run'. Carl develops a crush on Alice.

TBSD's comments: Alice replaces Michonne on the run, due to Rick being less paranoid. He also trusts Michonne more because she 'killed' the Governor, while Alice was one of his people. Carl develops the typical teenage crush on an attarctive older girl, which reminds the audience that he is still a teenager, despite how he handles the post-apocalyptic world.

Ep 13

Rick, Carl and Alice arrive back at the prison. Tyreese calls a group meeting where he announces that he, Andrea, Dale and Lizzie will be leaving in case Woodbury tries to retaliate. Glenn and Maggie decide to go with them. Tyreese's group prepares to leave and Tyreese apologises to Daryl for attacking him, also telling him to thank Merle for helping them escape. Hershel tells Jimmy that he thinks he will never see them again. As they drive away, Lori tells Alice that she thinks she is having the baby. Rick, Hershel and Axel help carry Lori to the infirmary. Daryl asks Carol why she didn't leave and she says that she wanted to stay with him. They kiss but are interrupted by Michonne, who thanks Daryl for helping to free her and Andrea. Daryl replies that she needs to thank Merle. Rick and Carl discuss baby names outsude the infirmary. Alice and Hershel help Lori give birth to a baby girl.

TBSD's comments: Tyreese and Andrea leave just like Dale and Andrea in the comics. Lots of character development in this episode. Lori healthily gives birth to Judith like in the comics, setting up for that infamous scene. Daryl and Carol finally kiss each other, setting up for another tragedy.

Ep 14

Alice brings Rick and Carl in to the infirmary. Carl holds the baby and the family agrees to call her Judith. Jimmy and Axel are on watch, and Axel admires Jimmy's skill at sharpshooting. Jimmy offers to teach Axel how he hits targets so easily. Rick, Lori, Hershel and Alice leave Lori with Judith. They go outside to see Daryl and Carol watching Jimmy and Axel shoot walkers. Rick pulls Jimmy aside and asks him to teach Carl, Hershel, Alice and Carol in the same way. While Jimmy does so, Daryl, Michonne and Rick discuss raiding Woodbury in order to rescue Merle. Rick asks them to help him pack a truck for the raid but Daryl says he is meant to be on watch with Michonne. Rick asks Carl and Alice to do guard duty instead so Daryl and Michonne can help him. Jimmy continues teaching Hershel, Axel and Carol while Carl and Alice climb the guard tower. Carl tries to flirt with Alice but she rebuffs him because of his age. Rick, Daryl and Michonne begin to load a truck with food, ammo and gas. Alice sees something approaching from the distance through her binoculars and she calls down to Jimmy to stop the shooting. Alarmed by the lack of shooting; Rick, Daryl and Michonne run out front to see a van driving towards the prison. Alice looks through her binocular at the van and sees its driver; a one-armed, one-eyed Governor.

TBSD's comments: A ton of development for Jimmy, Alice and Rick in this episode. Alice's dislike to Carl's advances show the audience that the norms of the old world are not quite dead yet. The shock ending is the appearance of a maimed Governor, causing the audience to wonder what happened.

Ep 15

Flashback episode. The Governor is shown chained to the same wall that Andrea and Michonne were. Michonne mentions nailing his prick to the wall and them she says "I think we'll start with the drill". The camera cuts to Michonne's face as the Governor screams. The Governor's men try to break down the door and when they do Michonne escapes. The Governor wakes up in the 'hospital' where Bob has saved his life. He is missing his arm and eye. Bruce tells the Governor that all of the prisoners escape, and that Merle betrayed them and killed Martinez. A furious Governor gives a speech to the people of Woodbury, where he announces that they will attack the prison. He brings out Merle and beats him in front of the crowd. The Governor sends Bruce on supply run to a supermarket and when Bruce doesn't return he goes looking for him. A dying Bruce tells the Governor that he was shot by the prison group. The Governor goes back to Woodbury and orders all able-bodied people to arm up ready for the assault. He loads Merle into the back of a van and climbs into the drivers seat. Cut to the scene of the van approaching the prison. The Governor brings out Merle and offers to trade his life for entry to the prison. Rick refuses despite Daryl's protests. Carol opens the gates and Daryl runs out to attack the Governor but the rest of the Woodbury 'army' comes out from forest in a mismatched array of vehicles. Daryl goes down in a hail of bullets, and the distraction allows Merle to steal the Governor's van and drive it into the prison. The Governor runs back to his army and climbs on top of the tank. "Kill them all!".

TBSD's comments: The TV equivalent of Issue 42. This episode features Michonne's torture scene, however it is toned down for AMC's viewers. Daryl's death is a testament to how I write his character, a loyal man who will ignore orders to protect those he loves. In my opinion this is much better than the 'perfect' Daryl we have on the show currently. The hail of bullets is intended to be a final and shocking death for a fan favourite character. I allowed Merle to survive as I find his erratic personality incredibly interesting. Daryl's death would cause Merle to become a better person. And you guys didn't think I'd miss out the tank did you?

Ep 16

Rick, Michonne, Hershel, Jimmy, Axel and Carol take cover as Merle drives the van into the prison courtyard. Alice and Carl provide cover as Rick closes the gate, before leaving the guard tower to join the rest of the group. The Governor, driven by anger, orders the tank driver to run over the gates. The group tries to run inside and Axel is shot. The group reaches the infirmary, where Alice packs as much medicine as she can. Michonne thanks Merle for rescuing her from Woodbury and consoles him about Daryl, before heading off on her own. Merle, Hershel, Jimmy and Alice agree to stay behind and hold off the Governor while Rick flees with Lori, Carl, Judith and Carol. Alice takes a bullet to the shoulder, causing Merle and Jimmy to pull her aside. Hershel tells them to leave him; and when the Governor breaks down the door to the cell block, Hershel falls to his knees and prays. The Governor walks up to him and shoots him in the head, before ordering his army to find the others. Rick's group runs out of the building, heading for a collapsed section of fence. Carol stays behind to hold off some Woodbury soldiers and kneecapped, before being shot by the Governor. Merle's group manages to reach the garage and they board a van. Jimmy stands in the back firing at the Woodbury soldiers while they escape. As Rick, Lori and Carl begin to run for the fallen fence; Lori trips on a walker corpse and as Rick turns to help her she is shot, crushing Judith by landing on top of her. Rick and Carl are forced to keep running. The Governor's men turn on him, causing him to retreat back inside the prison. He comes across Michonne, who cuts off his other arm and one of his legs, leaving him at the mercy of his people. She flees. Meanwhile in a nearby house, Rick tells Carl that he has been shot in the arm, before fainting.

TBSD's comments: Deprived of the chance to execute Merle in front of the group, the Governor immediately runs down the gates. This leads to a battle inside the prison. Axel is the first to die, in a direct translation of his comic death. Michonne and Merle bond during a very brief conversation, which will lead to future interactions. Hershel's death is a remix of his comic death, he still surrenders to the Governor but he hasn't lost hope. Carol gets Alice's death in an attempt to save her closest friend, Lori. I had Merle, Jimmy and Alice escape for two reasons; the first being that the three of them have so much potential, and the second being that I found it unrealistic that the only people to survive the comic assault were the main protagonists. Lastly, I changed the Governor's death so it would appeal to a mainstream TV audience. While I would prefer the Governor's comic death, most casual viewers would want to see one of Rick's group do it. In my opinion the best candidate for this was Michonne, and the fates of both the Governor and the people of Woodbury are left ambiguous.


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