Hey guys, TBSD here with (another) blog! This is part of my new weekly blog series 'The Walking Complaints'; a series of blogs about what irritates certain members of our community. This weeks topic- 'will Daryl ever die?'.

(Note- This blog is not here for reactions from Squirrel-Man-Fans, it is here to see whether or not the community thinks daryl should die, as well as whether or not it thinks he will be killed at all.)

Recently, there has been an increase in new users in the wiki. Many of these people are casual fans with a love for the Squirrel-Man, aka Cashcow or Daryl; and there have been several blogs/comments about why people like/dislike him. That aside, it seems as if his fanbase has grown yet again. Being as the Squirrel-Man seems to be becoming even more popular, I think that now is the appropriate time to ask whether or not the writers have got the balls to kill him off.

One of the biggest draws of The Walking Dead as a franchise is that no character is safe; and we have seen beloved protagonists such as Lee, comic Abraham and TV Dale die just as they have found something to live for. Unfortunately, there is one major obstacle in the way of the Squirrel-Man biting the dust, a terrifying monster known as AMC. As we all know, AMC are in the business for money rather than entertainment, which is why those shitty Hyundais are still running. So of course, they also factor in the fate of the Squirrel-Man.

I think that most of the comic readers on here already know that Robert Kirkman is the living embodiment of the Trollface, who feeds on the tears of his readers. In my opinion, Kirkman would kill off Daryl next episode if only to prove that anyone can die, however I don't think that AMC or the other writers would let him. Overall, there is probably a 5% chance of Daryl dying before the final season of the show.

And then there are the fangirls. I can't rant because my best friend is one of them but I think we will all agree that Daryl's obsessive fanbase is another one of the things that makes him untouchable; as being popular equals merchandise, merchandise equals money, and AMC loves money.

In short, there are three main obstacles in the way of Daryl dying at the right time:

-AMC -Fangirls -Writers

So do you guys think that Daryl will ever be killed off? Is it the writers, AMC or the fangirls that stand in the way? Do you think that Daryl should even be killed off at all? Please leave your comments below.

Next weeks blog- Hyundai (and why I hate their sponsorship of TWD).

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