Hey guys, TBSD here with (another!) blog. This edition of The Walking Complaints will cover the new phenomenon that seems to be sweeping this wiki, a love for extras.


This blog is not intended to offend the actors who portray extras in the show. Instead, it is intended to explain how extras (not the actors who portray them) are individually unimportant. In this blog, the word 'extra' references the person portrayed, not the person portraying them.

The Problem

Woodbury extra 8 (The Suicide King)


In a nutshell, the problem is the love for extras. That's right, those unnoticeable redshirts who have gained fame for being the 'characters' that no one gives a fuck about, now have people who give a fuck about them. What is the world coming to??? These are extras FFS...

I need to make something very clear here, extras are not characters. People like David and Luke and even Beth Greene aren't extras, just background characters. Ditto with Ms McLeod, Rowan, that dad in Internment, etc. Extras are people like Julio and Chloe, who have no major role and are intended not to. They have no role or purpose, because in this show they are free deaths.

DEANNA DIXON IS NOT DARYL'S SISTER! (Sorry, had to get that out of my system).

I have no idea how you can be a fan of an extra. An extra, by very intention, is meant to be unrecognisable and unimportant. Do you see a fanclub for that black lady who walked past Heath's house that one time in the comics, or how about for the cop from Wyatt's story? Nah, didn't think so. The problem is that some of us are getting attached. We need to learn to treat extras like they treat animals on farms; they're nice to have, but they're going to die, so don't get attached. (Incidentally, I was sadder at the pigs dying than I was at any of the extras dying).

Another thing, EXTRAS DO NOT HAVE POTENTIAL. If they were meant to be characters, they would be made as a character. They are made as an extra because their character has no potential. We do NOT need to obsess over them. They're extras.

Last but not least, another extra-related pet hate of mine; the invention of backstories and character for extras by their 'fans'. Julio was not a character, but he seems to have fans due to the hype that his actor caused. Dear Santiago; Julio is not important, he is not a mechanic, and he is not a character. He wasn't named in the show, and Talking Dead even put him on Team Gov during the In Memoriam segment. That alone should be testament to how unimportant extras are, but I feel that I need to state one more time, DEANNA DIXON IS NOT DARYL'S SISTER!!!!!

A Solution to the Problem

Go back to the tried and tested method of not giving a fuck about extras, as we did excellently during the attack on the camp in Season 1. The only notable deaths were Jim, Amy, and Ed. That was for a reason. Let extras go back to being deaths for the sake of deaths.


Why do we have to overcomplicate things?


Why do we have to overcomplicate things?

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Why do people like extras?

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Other Stuff

Well, you may have noticed that I've been rather irregular in my appearances lately. My New Years resolution is to be dedicated to my bitching, therefore, I am trying to remain as active as I can here. You should see me around more often from on.

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