Hey guys, TBSD here with (another) blog! This is part of my new weekly blog series 'The Walking Complaints'; a series of blogs about what irritates certain members of our community. I've brought this weeks blog forward to avoid clashing with the release of Issue 116; so from now on I will post these blogs every Tuesday! This weeks topic- F*cking Hyundai

(Note- This blog is here to see how the communtiy feels about Hyundais sponsorship of TWD. If anyone reading this owns a Hyundai, please don't take it personally)

I'm sure we all know that a good vehicle can be the difference between life or death in the zombie apocalypse. A good vehicle would typically be a motorbike, an off-road vehicle, a military vehicle or an armored car. Notice that on that list I did not include a Hyundai Tucson, for the sole reason that a Tucson would be about as useful as a Segway.

So why is it that the 'oh so smart' survivors in TWD use a Tucson instead of any of the military behicles they could've taken from Woodbury. I'll tell you why, because of those money grabbing swines at AMC!

What will we see next, the Governor launching his prison assault in a Santa Fe? Or maybe Michonne's new horse being replaced by a Veloster Turbo? (If these guys introduce Jesus as having slept in a shiny new Elantra Coupe then I will flip)

Hyundai is everything that TWD isn't, especially in the fact that it doesn't want to get its hands dirty. Marketing Directors from Hyundai call the Tucson a character and say it is part of the plot, so naturally it shouldn't be damaged right? WRONG. Every good character in TWD has had something shit happen to them, case and point Issue 113. If you want your car to be a character then give it a few dents, or ship it with Daryl. You could even make it the bad guy by letting TV Andrea 'take it for a ride'.

AMC need to stop treating every money making oppurtunity like the next Daryl. It might make money and it might not, but there's something wrong if you wanna put a shiny Hyundai in a show set two years into the ZA. It's like giving Don Draper a monster truck FFS...

In short, Hyundais are like the car versions of Daryl; immortal, irritating and unrealistic.

So would you guys use a Hyundai in the apocalypse? Do you hate that they are shiny and new? Or do you like how sexy Daryl looks in that Tucson? Please leave your comments below.

Next weeks blog- The Assassination of Alice by the Bastard Robert Kirkman...

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