Hey guys TBSD here with (another) blog! Today's TWC was meant to be the second part of my merchandise rant, however I have interrupted it for a special broadcast. Some twat on Facebook told me today that TV Andrea was better than comic Andrea, as well as saying that Season 3 did a great job with her character. This blog is my way of mourning the loss of TV Andrea, as well as being my way of pondering why she was nothing like her comic Andrea. I do so in my favourite format, a rant!


Comic Andrea is one of the most beloved characters in the entire franchise. From her odd yet heartwarming realtionship with Dale to her badass sniper skills, she has so many memorable traits that have etched her into the hearts if all comic fans. Comic Andrea has been a hero, a victim, and everything inbetween. She is memorable, likeable and inspirational. In addition to all of that, she is one of only a few characters to have survived the definitive moment of the entire series, the prison assault.

As we build up to the climax of All Out War, let us look back at how far our heroes have actually come. Rick, Michonne, Carl, Maggie, and of course Andrea. Unfortunately, TV fans will never have the oppurtunity to look back.

TV Andrea

Along with the Woodbury storyline, TV Andrea is almost certainly the most drastic change from the comics. By this time in an Andrea discussion, we will all normally be threatening to '33' Mazzara; but stay your katanas my friends, because to truly realise how dreadful TV Andrea was, we must look back to a time when TWD was actually close to the comics in greatness. The time of Frank Darabont.

Some of you may not wish to acknowledge that your beloved Mr Darabont made a mistake, but he made many. One of these mistakes was casting Laurie Holden as Andrea. She was Darabont's friend, I get that, but she didn't suit the role. For someone with decades of experience, why didn't Darabont understand that it was a bad idea to cast a middle-aged woman as a woman in her early twenties? Darabont changed Andrea's age and made her fuck Shane; as well as ditching her awesome sniper skills for that suicide storyline. The only thing i like about that storyline, and the CDC episode in general, was Dale staying behind in order to force Andrea to leave. That laid out a perfect foundation for their realtionship, however Mazzara ruined that.

Jeffrey DeMunn was a bit of a twat for asking to leave, but Mazzara should've sighed in relief when he changed his mind. Of course, Mazzara instead decided to tell Mr DeMunn to go fuck himself. This began a downward spiral for TV Andrea.

Woodbury was the final nail in her coffin. She bumped uglies with the main villain and refused to see his evil. Said villain was already a pathetic shadow of his comic counterpart, and his relationship with another pathetic shadow made it worse. The writers said that Andrea was in Woodbury to show the Gov's decent into madness; however in reality she was there as part of an excuse to ruin a brilliant plotline. Mazara has confessed that he always hated her character, so why did he give her such a pivotal role? In my opinion, that dick wanted to make everyone else hate her too.

Negan moment

Please excuse my Negan moment here:


Back on topic

Anyways Mr Mazzara, is it really hard to make a character more likeable? Is it really easier to kill them off and draw uproar from thousands of dedicated fans? Female characters can sleep with the villain and still be likeable (Gemma Teller in SoA), or they can just stay the fuck away from the bad guy's penis and be a badass instead (Ygritte in GoT, though she slept with a good guy instead). Why did you have to ruin what was left of Andrea? I'm convinced that Andrea's death was one of Mazzara's last insults to TWD. That, the Woodbury folk at the prison, and the massacre of the army, were his way of ramming a large dildo so far up the shows arse that it took Scott Gimple half a season to remove it.

Mazzara didn't want our show to succeed, and to that end he killed off our Andrea. She wasn't much, but she was ours. We must show Mazzara that this show is NOT broken, that is how we honor Andrea (both of them).

Letters to Darabont and Mazzara

Dear Frankie

We appreciate everything you did for TWD however we respectfully disagree with your casting of Laurie Holden as Andrea. Other than that, good job!


Comic Fans

Dear Glen (you need to learn to spell your name properly, two Ns)

You evil fucking bastard! You'd better believe that every single comic fan on the planet wants you six feet under, you pathetic fucking twerp! You ruined our prison, you ruined our Woodbury, you ruined our Governor, and you ruined our Andrea! WE ALL FUCKING HATE YOU!


Comic Fans

The misadventures of TBSD and Katie- Part One

Right then guys, here is that story I promised. It is based around Disney (you will notice a trend with which characters are me), it is extremely cheesy, and it will be featuring some other users of the wiki (you know who you are). Enjoy!

Once upon a time, TBSD lived in a world of mindless consumerism. He saw The Walking Dead as the best thing on TV and had a picture of Norman Reedus on his bedside cabinet, which he kissed before going to sleep every night. But on the night before the premiere of Season 3, he and his best friend Katie couldn't help wondering if there was something that could change their lives. They wondered when their lives would begin...


Character List

Tangled - When Will My Life Begin - Mandy Moore02:22

Tangled - When Will My Life Begin - Mandy Moore

Next time- Katie shows TBSD a strange book she found in her brother's room...

You guys

So do you agree about Andrea? Would you add anything to those letters? Would you like a guest role in my misadventures? Leave your comments below?