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Hey guys, TBSD here with (another) blog! This is part of my weekly blog series 'The Walking Complaints'; a series of blogs about what irritates certain members of our community. Due to popular demand, 'The Walking Complaints' will now be published on both Saturdays and Tuesdays. This weeks topic- The Assassination of Alice by the Bastard Robert Kirkman. (Anyone who understands the reference gets a free cookie.)



This blog will be the most over the top edition of TWC ever!

(Note- This blog is here to see how the communtiy feels about untimely death of one of the best comic characters and her abysmal 'portrayal' in the TV show. If you hate Alice, please don't take offense at this blog.)

Characters Who Have Been Screwed Over Twice

Alice is among the ranks of the elite few who have been screwed over by both the TV show and the comics.

1. Alice

2. Billy Greene

3. Doc Stevens

4. Axel

5. Allen

6. Dexter (AKA angry Oscar)

7. Caesar Martinez

8. Alice

9. Alice

10. Alice

11. Alice

12. Need I say it?

What Kirkman Did Wrong

Robert Kirkman's big mistake in the prison assault was killing Alice. Now some of you might say that someone needed to go out saving Rick's family, so I'll tell you who that should've been- Doc fucking Stevens. The Doc's death was a massive waste of a character and he could've easily survived until the assault. Just look at one of his first panels, after Rick gets de-handed; Doc Stevens was just epic. You might ask why Doc would sacrifice himself for the Grimes family, but he certainly would if Alice was with them.

Alice also could've made the Rick/Carl storyline far more interesting. It was pretty obvious that she had feelings for Rick and I think a struggle between her and Carl over what Carl can do would be pretty interesting. She could've even been seperated from the group during the prison battle only to later be found with the others at the farm, the possibilities are endless.

She would've been a far better love interest than Jessie Anderson too. I think that Jessie would've been much more interesting if Rick was protecting her because she was vulnerable, and then he would've had to kill a woman who depended on him in order to save Carl instead of a woman he loved (No Way Out).

I could've seen Alice getting a heroic death in the latter half of All Out War, when she would've been a staple of the main cast for over 90 Issues. An Andrea/Rick romance like the one we have now could've followed All Out War instead of preceding it.

Alice could've been a major character in The Walking Dead; on a similar scale to Dale, Eugene and Douglas, but maybe even as important as Abe, Andrea or Tyreese. She had everything a main character needed; a good skill set, good character traits and a good design; but Kirkman threw that away for a quick shock.

In short- Kirkman made a huge fucking mistake.

The TV Show

Speaking of huge fucking mistakes, let's talk about Glen Mazzara. The man is about as popular King Joffrey on this wiki and he did more damage to TWD than Hunger Games did to a Battle Royale remake (Yes, there was one in the works. And if you can't tell I'm team BR all the way, Viva La Mimura). Glen Mazzara raised our hopes with Beside the Dying Fire only to crush them again by Killer Within (That's a topic for another blog though). He destroyed one of the best written story arcs in an independent comic with his 'clever twists' and itchy triggerfinger. Before I begin on how he could've saved Alice from her awful comic death, I would like to ask you all to join me in saying a big SCREW YOU to Glen Mazzara.

3...2...1...SCREW YOU MAZZARA!!!

Now I've got that out of my system, let's talk about Alice. Instead of saving her from her shitty comic death, he didn't even include her. He merged her and Doc Stevens into a single redshirt when they were argubly two of the most important Woodbury residents (next to the Governor and Caesar Martinez). We got Shumpert, we got Haley, we even got a shitty ripoff of Martinez; but there was no Alice or Doc Stevens. I refuse to call that redshirt abomination either Alice or Doc, on a matter of principal. Mazzara, next time you have one of your Baldrick-esque 'Cunning Plans', you should keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear your opinion!

As for Scott Gimple...I am utterly ashamed of him. Season 4 is easily my favourite Season but I cannot understand why didn't introduce the real Alice. He gave us a character based on a minor Woodbury resident in Bob Stookey and even a half-developed Doc Stevens clone in Doctor S; but still no Alice.

When will you TV staff people get it into your heads? It's so simple...

We. Want. Alice.

The Cause

In order to combat this outrage, I'm starting a little campaign. A campaign to persuade the TV writers to introduce one of the best written comic characters in the show.

First of all, I will be calling next month 'We Want Alice' month. I would like to ask any of you who wish to see Alice in the TV show to change your profile picture on social networking sites to a picture of Alice for the duration of December. I would also ask you to post either a tweet, a status, a comment or similar, that bears the hashtag #WeWantAliceTWD. We also have a fan template available for this wiki, it is available by typing WeWantAlice in those odd bracket-like things. It looks like this:

Alice 18 #WeWantAliceTWD
This user wants to see Alice in the TV Show.


The campaign to bring back Andrea and the campaign to introduce Daryl in the comics both received significant media attention, so I am hoping that we can make an impact with this. The Andrea campaign was unsuccessful as bringing her back would mess with the show's canon, while the Daryl campaign went against Kirkman's wishes for his comic. However this campaign implores AMC to introduce a character with a significant fanbase among comic fans, which will only affect the show positively. They have a chance to introduce a great character here...they can even introduce her driving a Hyundai for all I care!

The following are the Facebook and Twitter pages for the campaign. I plead with all of my heart for you to like/ follow them. (I am also looking for admins to help with these pages, so if you want to apply then please leave a message on my talk page!)


Twitter: (or if it's easier for you, @WeWantAliceTWD)

Remember guys, the hashtag is #WeWantAliceTWD

Special thanks to PawsomePerry for helping me out with the template!

Do you support the cause?

The poll was created at 21:12 on November 16, 2013, and so far 99 people voted.

You Guys

So what do you guys think? Did Kirkman make a mistake by killing off Alice? Did Mazzara and Gimple make an even bigger one by not introducing her? Do you agree or disagree with my campaign? Please leave your comments below.

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If you have any ideas for future rants, please leave them in the comments or on my talk page.