Hey guys, TBSD here with (another) blog! My Mazzara rant is taking a while to write so I thought I would replace one of this week's TWC blogs with my new theory on the Governor! This blog also contains my new fan template contest, special thanks to MisterT for letting me go ahead with it!

The Governor

Last season, I thought that the Governor was the biggest mistake in the entire show. He lacked the menace and sadism of the comic Governor, and his arc with Andrea was pathetic.

To say I was dreading this weeks episode would be an understatement. I was expecting it to be a boring episode on par with Prey and Arrow on the Doorpost, however in my opinion it has been one if the best episodes of TWD yet. I simply could not buy last season's Gov becoming comic Gov over that short time skip, and somehow Gimple seems to have read my mind. This weeks Gov was complex, interesting and almost sympathetic; basically everything Mazzara wanted him to be last season.

My theory for the next two episodes may be controversial among my fellow comic fans, however I believe that it is the best thing for TV Gov's character.

I think that TV Gov will become like comic Martinez. Comic Martinez secretly despised the Gov, as shown in FotG Part One; and I believe that he did just want to save the innocents of the town, despite the Gov's wishes. I think that TV Martinez will be the one to attack the prison, and the Governor will be forced to take his new family to Rick's group in order to save them from the brutality of his former henchman. I could then see the Governor dying defending the prison against Martinez.

There is no question that it is impossible for TV Gov to become comic Gov; however now I see him as a completely different character, the same as I see TV Hershel. Gimple's Governor has the potential to become one of the most tragic characters in the show so far; namely, a broken man who came back from the brink and did right by the people he cared about.

Now you might all be thinking 'THE GUVNA IS MEANT TO BE EVILL!!!'. But I saw a man who regretted his actions in that campfire scene, a man who regretted the past few months of his life. The Governor lost his will to live as he realised that he had betrayed everyone; his lover, his closest friend and the people who depended on him. 'Brian' is a new man. He is no longer the Governor, he is just 'Brian'. The chess scene pointed out to him that although his people were gone, he was still there. The scene where he burned his family picture symbolised letting go of his old lives, Philip and the Governor, and becoming Brian.

I would much rather have seen comic Governor from the start, and I think that a closely adapted Woodbury arc would have been far better than the past couple of seasons. However with this season, and with this episode in particular, Gimple has dealt incredibly well with the Mazzara's leftovers. To me, a tragic TV Governor like the one we saw this episode is the only way to make him into an interesting character.

This season's theme seems to be 'can you come back from what you've done?'. To me, the Governor coming back from what he's done, only to die fighting a monster he created (Post-Woodbury Martinez), would be incredibly poetic. It would turn him from one of the worst characters on the show to one of the best.

In short:

-Martinez should be the one attacking the prison, the Gov should leave his group to protect his new family.

-The Gov should die defending his new family or the prison group.

-These things would majorly improve his character.


After consultation with one of the admins, I will be launching a fan template creation contest. These will be started every two weeks on my early week blog, users will have three days to submit a custom fan template design that fits the theme on said blog. After three days I will post a poll where everyone can vote for their fave entry. The results will be announced on my early week blog the following week. So without further ado, this weeks theme is...


That's right folks, you have three days to design the best shipping support template you can. It can be for the TV show, comic, video game or novels; but it must support a romantic relationship. (e.g. Daryl/Carol or Ezekiel/Michonne or Carley/Lee). Post the template names in the comments below. Good luck amigos!