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Hey guys, TBSD here, with the first blog I've made in a long fucking time. I'm bringing you a little mix of news and reviews, along with my reactions to them.

All Out War

Yes, I know it's all over, but you guys missed my reaction to this, so tough luck.

In short, it went from amazing to "kind of meh". Part One was solid, as were certain scenes of Part Two (here's looking at you Euge), but the last few issues were appalling. I'll address my issues in bullet point form.

  • Why the fuck did Negan have a change of heart in 125? I was so angry at that. Some people say that he was being sarcastic or toying with Rick, but his face was fucking sincere. Shit writing there Kirky boy.
  • Negan breaking Rick's leg was an awful moment. Why the fuck was he not shot while doing that?! They had a clear sight on him for fucks sake!
  • There was no big death in the second half, which drove me mad. I know that I'm a prominent Mazzara critic, and all you haters are probably crying "but you hate killing people for shock"; but guess what, it wouldn't be for fucking shock!
    • My point here is that leaving the phone at Alexandria was a build up for Rick dying. Ditto with Michonne and Rick discussing the Gov, in terms of her fate. One of them should've died, as they're both stale characters with fuck all to do. Kirkman's Mich boner seems to be harder than AMC's Squirrel Man boner, and even the boner that certain users here have for Woodbury Resident number I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! (see my previous blogs for details).
      • Abe was obviously meant to be the big Part Two death, but Kirkman went full Mazzara in 98.
        • Mazzara....

Issues 127, 128 and 129

I loved these issues, like, seriously. Magna seems interesting (even though Luke already annoys me), and Negan is as awesome as ever! Eugene has become the best character in the whole franchise for me, he's really stepped into the limelight since Something to Fear. I hope that this carries through to the future of TWD, and we don't get anymore Mazzara moments.


Lego TWD

Source: https://www.nerdist.com/2014/07/exclusive-todd-mcfarlane-on-his-upcoming-walking-dead-building-toy-sets/

That's right guys, Todd McFarlane is releasing TWD Building Bricks, aka fucking lego! Of course, it's TV Show lego. Please sigh and frown now.

All that aside, I had a brainwave. Why not take McFarlane's sets (that look amazing) and change them up a little? Throw Derle, the Gove-ernor and whatever shit figures come with the guard tower into the bin; and replace them with those lovely little minimates that also fit on lego studs.

  • Derle on a bike becomes Rick on a bike. Comic accurate too.
  • Put Andrea and/or Billy (have they made a Billy?) in the tower.
  • Put comic Gov in the TV room, with Gabe at the door.

Alternatively McFarlane, why not make comic sets? The hardcore showtards will buy them anyway, and they could easily mod a figure into Daryl in order to satisfy their teenage vaginas/manginas. As for the little kids, they won't know the difference until you've made the sale. Yes it's shady business tactics, but I'd rather have Negan than TV Carol.

Other news

I know that I can't mention anything from SpoilTheDead here, but lemme just say this. For those of you who have heard about an incident involving a car, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING?!

Oh, and last bit of news. I have a surprise coming up for you guys. Stay tuned! (especially you Trevor)

Polls and shit

Thoughts on AOW?

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Should Rick or Mich have died?

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Thoughts on 127, 128 and 129?

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Thoughts on Lego TWD?

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Ending message

Stay tuned for more. It will be here soon, believe it or not.

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