Hello Fellowers of TWDW, 

TWD Episode 5: Internment are amazing episode all the time as you all see what happened at the end and you have a feeling crazy about The Governor Return (I have a huge goosebump) because I'm screaming like a girl (don't ask haha) The Governor haven't changed a bit and He seemed very pissed through also I totally can't wait next episode Live Bait Called Rise like in the book or comic. You know what it means TG Flashback (Issue 43) Comic that means the amazing happened Flashback. I can see a promo and I saw TG thinking what he do and how to take over Prison and killing a good characters. The Governor burn up in his own town (The Woodbury) and going gather more brutal armies. Okay, I thinking that TG going to find more guns and more join The Future Governor armies, My point is that there will be Fort Benning! Because there will be brutal group and a tank like in the comic so I can't wait to see what happened next Exisode!

Put on comment and tell me what you think will happened next episode of the amazing THE GOVERNOR FLASHBACKS!

Theorys, Thoughts, or Prediction?
Kill em all