Hello Lad-zombies and Gentle-zombies! Today, I went through check out news about the walking dead from what TWD Fans says! It caught off my guard but HOLY CRAP. What if it’s the woman who stabbed Eric? Remember, In Issue 79???

Before Negan, there was a brief storyline where Aaron and Eric found a woman and followed her for a few days. She looked sad and alone, so they attempted to recruit her. She stole their horse, and when they tried to stop her, she stabbed Eric.

She hasn’t been mentioned since. Maybe…

This is actually a really solid theory, and one I like. If for no other reason than the fact that the final issue of “All-Out War” features what seems to be either a woman or a slender/young man holding Lucille in a menacing manner in front of a kneeling Negan.

Introducing the stab-woman would tie up an old loose end, explain who’s on the cover about to kill Negan and give context as to why this new character is important enough to merit taking over the cover (and the title?) for at least two months following the biggest and most brutal story yet for Rick’s group.

I really think She is the one Mystery Man or Woman who are going to kill Negan and holding by his wife bat!!

What do you think and THOUGHTS Guys!? Could be true that she is the one to kill Negan on the cover 126 and Start new beginning!

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