Hello Wiki!

What going on with the Anniversary?

Let me tell you something because This wiki shows us The True Walking Dead that the people's born in the future and nothing known about what TWD Means. We create this wiki for a courage life for TWD Fans!


Today I went through found out what is about history and how to create this wiki? Our very lovely users are the Administrators who adopted this wiki are User:T montalbano User:Deftonesjunkie3 and User:Anno1404! I'm such really happy that they created such an awesome wiki for our changed life and good friendship! As were the another Administrators who are User:Mistertrouble189 User:06abrahb User:Conesses133 User:Axel TWD User:Shellturtleguy User:MaDrummer User:Gravelord and User:SilentGlaive are good people and best users for out there because they helped us and there for us. I never been so much happier that we created a good friendship and good teamwork in this wiki! When they make another Administrator? I would pick User:TheSamBuckley because he is such a good loyalty editor to us (I definitely vote for you sir!)


And Yes, you too Users, I see everyone who are talking about The Walking Dead Fans! We all wanted to talk about what going on News? Comic, TV Show, Video Games, and Novels that we still talking and excitement future! You all such a great users for The True Walking Dead Fans and I still adore for you guys! The Users who are Editors, News, Friendships, Administrators, and others whoever you want to be work in wiki are the smartest people I ever known in my entire life since I been new to this.


There Articles are exactly Three thousand, six hundred forty-first pages in wiki? We're been work so hard in this but don't give it up and think positive. There's Every Fans who want to know what going on about TWD Stories in the future? Robert Kirkman Counting on us and WE NEVER LET ROBERT KIRKMAN DOWN!!

The Happy Ending

To The Users and The walking dead Fans! I salute you and Good Luck for another hard work in our wiki! Lad-zombies and Gentle-Zombies!? Here to The Walking Dead Future! HOORAH! P.S. To The walking dead fans? Please Join us and work for us for TEAMWORK IN THIS THE WALKING DEAD WIKI!!! We always look out for you. --TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER (talk) 22:51, March 19, 2014 (UTC) God Speed My Brothers and Sisters