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What the bloody eyes mean

OK so I know everyone is talking about the bloody eyes in the walkers and Patrick when he turned well im going to tell you whats going on, and I think this is true :)

So im freinds with a female walker on facebook you might have seen her in the comic con trailer.

Cayla Ridley walker
Cayla Ryder

Ok so anyways she told me that her walker eyes were......... A Infected Walker.

I also asked her, so its a special type of walker thats just started to happen?

And she responded as - Yeah did you see episode 1 it hints at ig

And since I have no clue what I ig means I asked her = New walkers that don't have to be bit to be a zombie

And now she's offline so thats all the question I got from her, Hope now you know what this all means :) And I think she might have been hospital staff and shot just like in harrison memorial hosptal.

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