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Hi guy its me zach Im back for another awards this one is about the biggest Walking Dead Character Fans, Thanks to the guys and gals in chat who gave me the idea. So like in my last awards tell me in the comments what character you are really big fan's of, Remember to have fun and don't get mad if you don't ok the characters listed below. You can also sign up other people for a certain character. There are NO character from S4 On here because we have only seen the first episode and soon the second so its kind of hard to have a Favorite.

Season 1

Rick Grimes = ThatGuyWhoLikesTWD, Leoxen, Gravelord

Carl Grimes = Brooksbrooks104, Pops Capo

Lori Grimes = Prezziesnow9704:)!

Shane Walsh = TheGrimBotch

Morgan Jones = TheWalkingDrew

Glenn Rhee = Kopakamata97, GhostWolf716

T-Dog = NUKE2580

Dale Horvath = DevynC2, Gravelord

Jacqui = TBA

Jim = TBA

Daryl Dixon = Daryltwd48, DevynC2

Merle Dixon = Spidernerf, RazorWolfz, Dixon For Governor, DevynC2

Carol Peletier = CarolFanJames, Mistertrouble189, Pretexious, Rick123Axel

Sophia Peletier = TBA

Andrea Harrison = Prezziesnow9704:)!, Bernadusandrew

Amy Harrison = TBA

Morales = CamTheWoot

Season 2

Hershel Greene = Archer ftw, Tatertot623, Pigpen077, Herschel Greene

Maggie Greene = XxPinkyPandaxx, GhostWolf716

Beth Greene = Cheria, Fitz0021, Hunter Biondolino

Jimmy = Gravelord

Patricia = Rick123Axel

Randall = Lucas Tg

Season 3

Axel = DeadHead2016

Oscar = GhostWolf716, DevynC2

Andrew = TBA

Tomas = TBA

Big Tiny = TBA

Caesar Martinez = TBA

Shumpert = Tank117, GRANDMASTA

Dr. Stevens = TBA

Milton Mamet = CamTheWoot, WalkerMaimer

Haley = TBA

Tim = Tank117


Philip Blake = Kylum10001, Hammerhat, Thewalkingdeadforlife

Karen = Rick123Axel

Tyreese = GhostWolf716, Hammerhat, Gravelord

Sasha = WalkerMaimer

Allen = TBA


Michonne = Prezziesnow9704:)!