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The Walking Dead User Awards Results!

Hey everyone :)

So issue 114 came out today thats awesome :D

Ok off topic, lets check the results!

The Winner of "Best Personal Page"


Congrats to TheSamBuckley he has the best personal page on the whole wiki. Good job Sam :)

The Winner of "Breakout Page"


Congrats to GRANDMASTA for having the best Breakout Page. Good job MASTA :)

The Winner of "Awesome User"


Congrats to TheWalkingDrew for being the most awsome! Good job Drew :)

The Winner of "Activity on this wiki user"


Congrats to Axel TWD for having the most activity on this wiki. Good job Axel :)

The Winner of "Wisest User"


Congrats to Axel TWD  for being the wisest user on this wiki. Good job Axel :)

The Winner of "Friendliest" 


Congrats to WalkerMaimer for being the friendliest user on this wiki. Good job Walker :)

The Winner of "Best Staff Member"


Congrats to Axel TWD for being the best staff member on this wiki. Good job Axel :) GOD STOP WINNING!!!!! jk

The Winner of Biggest "Walking Dead Fan"

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Congrats to myself (ThatGuyWhoLikesTWD) for being the biggest walking dead fan on this wiki. Thanks everyone :)

The Winner of "Best Photographer"


Congrats to RazorWolfz for being the best photographer on this wiki. Good job Razor

Our last award of the day "Most Approachable"


O___O AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Well ummm Congrats to Axel TWD for being the most Most Approachable on thsi wiki. Good job :)

Well thats it for the User awards hope you enjoyed it :)

Hope you enjoyed issue 114 and have a nice day ill see all you dudes later :)         Have a nice day!


                                  The list below are all the users that participated in the user awards