Hey everyone, I hope your enjoying the VG character fan awards, I thought I would make a blog about my the new wiki I helped create called The Walking Dead Interviews Wiki.

Heres a link: http://the-walking-dead-interviews.wikia.com/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_Interviews_Wiki

The wiki was created by Rick123Axel with lots of help from me and a little help from WalkerMaimer, the wiki already has over 20 interviews uploaded, and the wiki is starting to look really good, I really hope you guys have the time to stop by the wiki and check out the interviews, make a blog and go to chat!

Now I know what some are thinking

"Why make a whole wiki just for interviews, when you could just upload them here?"

Complication with a admin and also some good ideas is what lead me and Raxel to making the wiki.

Like this wiki there are admins and Staff, we are currently looking for janitors on the wiki and we also have Reviewers and chat mods, currently in reviewer we have WalkerMaimer and in chat mod we have RelicRaider.

Still don't get the wiki?, or want to know more, check the link above for the front page.


Thanks, hope you check the site out :)