Hey everyone so im going to do my review before a million people do them so lets begin :)

So, this may just be my opion but i think that these were the best webisdoes yet, it was interesting to know how the whole "Dont Open Dead Inside" backstory. I dont have many rude things to say i was very impressed, except that the docter didn't even mention that some one else was in the hosptal (Rick). I know that they cant just hire andrew lincoln but come on he wasn't even mentioned :(

The acting was fine, in my opion better then the last 2 webisode series, the story was very intresting i almost liked it as much as the show :)

Anywaays lets take a recap on the last 3 webisode series

Torn Apart - 7

The acting was terrible!

Now i have said this before but in my opion I think they should of went with the atlanta webisodes that was going to have Sam Witwer as the main star, I LOVE THAT GUY!

Cold Storage - 8.2

The acting was much better but the story wasn't that good :(

The Oath - 9.5

This is just my opion, I likes this more then most episodes in season 3, the acting was solid and the story was amazing.

Leave your thoughts and opions down below :)