Hello everyone, I wanted to give my thoughts on the 5th episode of AMC's The Walking Dead "Internment"

Character Deaths

Ok so this episode we saw many prison survivors die, one of them was caleb, and I thought this was a bad move for the character, I liked his character, one of the more intresting new characters.

In Memorial

Caleb 4x01


My Review

Ok so this episode was great in my opion the only thing I would have changed is Caleb's death, it seems that new characters are not allowed on the show lol

Ok so I liked how the fence got broken and Carl and Rick and too kill all the walkers, very nice scene I liked it, and the whole prison sick thing was done very well.

At the end of the episode, the small group sent to get medicine comes back and sasha and Glenn are healed.

And also at the end of the episode the governer returns! I was jumping up and down, I was excited to see him back, stalking the prison, very intresting :)

I thought it was a great episode and my overall review is...


Great episode, I didn't like how caleb died though :I

Next episode

Ok so as most of you know, the next episode is a Governer flashback :D


And we get to see Martinez and Shumperts fate, there probs dead though :P

And whats with the burning house from Woodbury in the promo? I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

Comic Awards

I have been busy so the results for the comic character awards will be out tomorow, see you all then :)