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I will be attempting to make a Lee Everet Action Figure!

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Hey everyone im back for another blog!
A little while back I made a blog talking about the first wave that telltale could have for the action figures, and in the blog comments I was told why telltale would not release action figures. So since we will never be getting telltale action figures im thinking about making one of my own. With a Merle action figure I will be attempting to transform it into the famus Lee Everet from the video game. Using many paints and spending 20 dollers that could be wasted on nothin but a
Merledixon s3, 1
mess, I really hope this turns out :)

Not excited for painting the eyes thats like the hardest part over then changing his whole skin coulor :I

I hope to buy the figure some time soon so I can get started and who knows maybe if it works out ill make a clementime out of carl ;) A update blog on this should be posted some time next week.

Which Telltale character would you like seeing as a action figure?

Would you buy that action figure?

Love to hear you're thoughts down below!

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