Ok so me and Rick123Axel have been making interviews for "Extras" in the walking dead, after my first interview i was told by AxelTWD that only users with a interviewer title may create interviews. Not to long later me and him talked on chat and he gave me an idea that we could have a page for only extra interviews. So in the mean time the 2 extra interviews I placed on the wiki were put on the actors pages, and not even the full interview. Later Rick123Axel created a "extra" interview for a woodbury extra and got the same feedback I got from Axel. In a recent blog post MisterTrouble said "AxelTWD has final say I think...may be a Wikia thing. However, these interviews should definitely go on the actor pages (both a type up and screenshots)." It may not be the biggest deal but I think the extra interviews should have there own page. Thank you.

Should Extras have their own page?

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My current amount of extra interviews = 12

P.S dont forget about the chat party this sunday