Ok so i think this blog may have been done before but whatever. Ok lets get started :)

You're watching TV and you go to the news channel. On the news they are warning people about a zombie outbreak thats about to spread to your area. How do you react?

I would start planning on what im going to do if they get to my current location. I would be very stressed out.

Where do you stay in a zombie apocalypse?

I would stay in my current location, moving is to dangerous.

The zombies are coming to your area and you have no food or water.  Would you go out to get some food or stay put and not risk it?

I need food and water without it wont survive and its only going to get worse.

Its 3 days into the apocalypse and you see survivors being chased by walkers. Do you help or stay quiet?

It depends on how many there are, over 15 of them there on there own.

You let survivors into the group and the next day they steal your food and water and leave but you see them leaving in there van. Do you follow them or forget about it?

They have my food and water, i will kill them over that stuff.

Your bit on the arm. Do you have what it takes to cut it off or would you leave yourself for dead?

I couldn't cut my own hand off, if i have a gun ill shoot myself in the head.

Ok thats them all. So in the comments im going to look in your answers and see what character from the whole walking dead universe you are. I think i am.........

A older verison of Carl from the comics.