You may have seen maaaaaany pictures of LEGO The Walking Dead through the Internets (And Patrick in Rick's flashback on A). But today I'm bringing my custom figures. So far I've made Daryl, Rick and the Governor, but by the 2014-15 Christmas I might have made Carl, Michonne and maybe Shane.


Rick, in all it's glory...

The first one is Rick. I used a plain tan torso and painted a shirt design (although and Indiana Jones shirt would look better, but I haven't found any. I gave him a werewolf hairpiece to resemble his and painted shoes and a gun holster to his pants. I painted short sleeves as well, and I gave him a Brickarms magnum.My previos versions were all him in his deputy outfit, so I wanted to have a change...---

The Governor, all in black...

The second one is the Governor. I used an Indiana Jones torso, and painted it all in black. I also painted his eyepatch over a clone trooper head (as they look good and I have many...) and his belt. He used to have a coat, but I got rid of it to use it on another figure. The Bowie Knife is form Brick Warriors and it's all painted.My previous versions were the same as this one. The first one was the same bu changing the black by dark brown and a different hairpiece. Another one was exactly the same as this one, but with jeans an a white shirt.-

Daryl, and his awesomesauce crossbow...

The last one is Daryl Dixon. Originally he has no sleeves, but I wanted to give him a mid-season 4 look. Not many people in the LEGO Community uses that hairpiece for Daryl, so I'll consider changing it. The torso is one of the old-school Rebel Trooper vests. His pants have some damage and yeah. Stuff.My favourite thing about Daryl is his crossbow. Since LEGO Crossbows suck, I wanted to make my own. I combined a BrickForge Compound Bow and a Brickarms WWII Sten with some other parts, such as string or levers to make arrows to come with this awesome design.

Back of Daryl, you know...

-And, yeah, I painted the Wings as well. Yup.-To conclude I'd like to say that I'm the Admin of the LEGO The Walking Dead Group on Flickr, and you can also fins some more awesome figures or builds by other people! 
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