Ok, so, i've decided to put together my season 5 death predicitons! Cause' as you know, nobody's safe!


Judith Grimes

1. Judith Grimes

Reason: Well, she's a baby. How easy sould it be to raie a baby in a zombie apocolypse? And, killing her off would make Rick stronger, and after what we saw with Carl, it could make hi, stronger. Plus, there are rumors that the producers said something unexpected will happen with Carol, Tyreesee and little J.

Reason Why She Could Not Die: Wel, she's Rick's daughter, and if she's anywhere near anything like him, she'll be as though as rocks! And, i dont think they would let her die!

Chance Of Death: 30%


Beth Greene

2. Beth Greene

Reason: Well, she's gone! She just disappeared. And, she has no survival skills, what'so'ever! As we have seen, she really has no way of living, she has already threatened to do scuicide, she watched her dad be decapitated, AND she is pretty sure everyone else is gone. Unless she is with someone awesome and strong, and willing to put up with her, she is most likely gone. Probly the tainted meat. Her name could be in that weird Terminus room!

Reason Why She Would Not Die: The producers said her fate will be reveled, and that her story is not over yet! And i honestly thing she MAY be safe. Because i think mostly comic book charecter's are in jepordy in this next season.

Chance Of Death: 85%




Reason: Well, her goal was to help Glenn find Maggie, and get to Terminus. And now, that's done. She she may end up going.

Reason Not To Die: She has a lot of charecter evoulution!

Chance Of Death: 85%-90%



4. Carol

Reason: Well, she's come along ways, this one, i was not sure if i wanted to put it on here or not. I just have that feeling in my gut!

Reason Not To Die: Rumor's has it she will be in a romance with Daryl. Maybe, Maybe not!

Chance Of Death: 70%

Maggie greene

Maggie Greene

5. Maggie

Reason: Well, there was that whole, burning the photo 'Cause you won't need it for the memory of me' thing. That was the very last thing Glenn had for proof of Maggie. And now that she has found Glenn, will she let her guard down at the wrong time?

Reason Not To Die: Well, she's Maggie. She is an incredibly strong charecter, but, on The Walking Dead, no one is safe!

Chance Of Death: 67%



6. Bob

Reason: Well, bob doesen't have much left for hm. The whole liquor thing. Plus, Daryl didn't like him to much! And now, there stuck in a train car together!

Reason Not To Die: He was the only survivor of 2 other groups, so, he obviously is strong! And, he has alot of evouling to do, and last, he may be having a new romace with Sasha.

Chance Of Death: 90%



7. Gareth

Reason: Well, he isin't the new bad guy, but still. He was the one who locked Rick and them in the train car. Rick may be looking for vengence.

Reason Not To Die: He was just introduced, he may be a charecter that goes on for a while, he may last like 5 episodes, who knows?

Chance Of Death: 50%



8. Abraham Ford

Reason: His charecter seems like a trouble-maker. And, way to independent, not wanting to fallow others rules. And Rick doesen't deal them kind of people well.

Reason Not To Die: His charec ter seems, strong, and seems to have many, good survival skills! And, he is needed for D.C.

Chance Of Death: 50%

Eugene pic


9. Eugene

Reason: Who gets lucky enough to keep someone who knows what caused the break-out, and may be able to save the world? It just seems right that he may go.

Reason Not To Die: They will be going to D.C, which means he makes it out of Terminus alive, which may be a few episodes. And, his comic book charecter is still alive.

Chance Of Death: 55%


Morgan Jones

10. Morgan

Reason: Well, when we last saw Morgan, he, was basicly gone. He had already lost everything. So, we never know. This is number 10, because I honeslty, am not sure. I think for now, he is safe. He will be returning, as it's been proved. But, for how long? Morgan, is by far, one of my favorite, series beginner charecters. I would LOVE to see good old Morgan survive!

Reason Not To Die: He's Morgan. I said it all above!

Chance Of Death: 30%