Ok, so i decided to put who I want/ think should still be alive!

  • Notice I put I in bold. So, its my opinion. And MY reasons. So, im going to say this. I have gotten enough hate on both of my other blogs, PLEASE DO NOT give me hate. This, no matter what i put, is entirly MY opinion. Understood! My opinion. If you can't accept thatt, quit reading.And By the way, they are numbered, NOT RANKED! Thank you!*

Just so you know, there are many more gone characters. I am going to do another blog on this, if you want, tell me a character, and i will add him/her!




I think Dale should still be alive. Maily because, he was such a great character. He was well developed. But if he was still alive, I would have loved to see how he handled things.With him always speaking his mind. Plus, he had a horrible death. It was just so uncalled and very random.


Copy of Walking Dead Shane Walsh 01


I also believe that Shane should be alive! Now, before you start complaining, he is one of my favorite characters. But, I also got other reasons. One, being I would love to see him around Judth. And, I would have loved to see him around the Goveneor. Mainly because, i believe he would have killed him on spot, and they woulden't have lost Hershel and all the others the Goveneor killed would have not died.


Hershel's Head

Hershel should also be alive. I bet lots of you agree with me. Hershel was just a much loved character. No one should die like that. Watching such a great character die like that..that was hard. His death may help characters like Beth involve more. But still, he should have at least died another way, at least!



A nother one for me is Merle. He was one sassy character, but strong. They need more independent people. Merle was a great character. He was well developed, but we could have learned more about him, more about his past. He was just one of my favorite characters. Though dieing hero, is one way to go down! And, you can argue that he died hero.


Tumblr mfm3qnfofp1rita8uo1 500

A biggie is T-Dog! He had a lot of involving to do. As long as he was aroun, we didn't know much about him. He did sacrafice himself for Carol. And we knew he was a very reilgious man. But he at least should have lasted a little longer!




I think Andrea is a big one. She could have gone on longer. Plus, i just loved how her character evolved. She had done many things. Although, she did have trouble choosing the goveneor over her true friends. Which, I pitty her for.



Little Sophia

Also, we can not forget little Sophia! Such an inniconnt little girl! She is still alive in the comics, and a great comic character. I would have loved to keep her going. Plus, even though she was in only a few episodes, I just loved her, the search to, that made me love Daryl!