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    Ok, so i decided to put who I want/ think should still be alive!

    • Notice I put I in bold. So, its my opinion. And MY reasons. So, im going to say this. I have gotten enough hate on both of my other blogs, PLEASE DO NOT give me hate. This, no matter what i put, is entirly MY opinion. Understood! My opinion. If you can't accept thatt, quit reading.And By the way, they are numbered, NOT RANKED! Thank you!*

    Just so you know, there are many more gone characters. I am going to do another blog on this, if you want, tell me a character, and i will add him/her!

    I think Dale should still be alive. Maily because, he was such a great character. He was well developed. But if he was still alive, I would have loved to see how he handled things.With him always …

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    1. Judith Grimes

    Reason: Well, she's a baby. How easy sould it be to raie a baby in a zombie apocolypse? And, killing her off would make Rick stronger, and after what we saw with Carl, it could make hi, stronger. Plus, there are rumors that the producers said something unexpected will happen with Carol, Tyreesee and little J.

    Reason Why She Could Not Die: Wel, she's Rick's daughter, and if she's anywhere near anything like him, she'll be as though as rocks! And, i dont think they would let her die!

    Chance Of Death: 30%

    2. Beth Greene

    Reason: Well, she's gone! She just disappeared. And, she has no survival skills, what'so'ever! As we have seen, she really has no way of living, she has already threatened to do scuicide, she watched her dad be dec…

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    Ok, so I decided to ask all my friends about the best momrnts on AMC's The Walking Dead. Here is what i got.

    1. Otis

    2. Merle

    3. Govenor

    4. Lori

    5. Patricia

    6. Herhsel

    7. Mika

    8. Lizzie

    9. Jimmy

    10. Patricia

    Ok, I was shocked to see how low Mika and Lizzie were ranked, this totally shocked me! For Otis being the favorite, thats shocked me, he only appeared in 2 episodes. But, i can see where they are coming from!

    1. Barn Masacre

    2. Hershel being killed by Phillip Blake.

    3. Shane's death scene.

    4. When the barn was overrun.

    5. Daryl rescuing Carol on the farm.

    6. Michonne killing Penny.

    7. The govenor being stabbed in the eye.

    8. Lori dieing.

    9. Mrgan returning.

    10. Alanta Camp being run over.

    I just have to say Iagree with all of these. Except, I wish Morgan's …

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