Ok so there's been plenty of ways that I noticed that hint's a characters death, but my 2 main thoeires that tells when a character will die are

1)Character Development- There have been plenty of characters that die right when they start to develop, like T-Dog, Axel, and even Dale(when he stood up for Randall). But to me, I call it "Last-Episode Lines". Whenever a character develops, it's just a way to hear the chracter's words for the last time. (unless they will be shown in flashbacks and hallucinations).

2)When the Character doesn't Appear in the Previous Episode- Again, something like this has happened to many characters during the season. For example, in the episode before Dale's death; he didn't appear in the episode. Same goes for T-Dog and Lori; they didn't appear in Walk With Me, and later died in the episode Killer Within. And even Merle(who won the entire fan base in his death episode.) And it even disappoints me that Andrea has died, as she did not appear in Ep. 15.

So how do you guys tell when a Character is going to die?

And FYI, reports have been showing Laurie Holden on set for season 4, and other news show that Andrea MAY appear as a hallucination of flashback for season 4, but that petition for bringing her back is long gone anyways.