Hey! i just joined the wiki and Ive been a HUGE fan of the Walking Dead eversince it started, and its about time season 3 started :D (ive been sitting my a** down during the whole 7-8 month wait)

Anyways....... what do you guys think will happen in episode 2 till the end of season 3? Here are my predictions- some are too easy :P

  • The Prison and Woodbury will be shown.
  • Hershel will survive his wound (maybe even have crutches or a peg leg)
  • Michonne and Andrea find the helicopter crash and get taken into woodbury by Merle
  • Andrea establishes a releationship with The Governer until Michonne convinces her to escape with her
  • Carl shares a cell with Beth. LOL
  • Lori is still able to live until the baby is born. Names the baby "Sophia" just like Carl wanted
  • Lori dies of child birth and Rick puts her down.
  • Beth will about to be killed by a prison survivor until Carl rescues her
  • Michonne and Andrea find the governors secret and escappe woodury
  • the governor eventually finds the prison and demands rick to give it up
  • they have a gun fight, the governor looses his eye

Skipping all the way to the end of Season 3........

  • Two people from Dave and Tony's group find the prison, but never recognizes Rick, Glenn, and Hershel and hears about the Governer wanting to take the prison
  • The two survivors leave to bring more people to help out with Rick's people
  • The Governor brings an army of people to invade the prison.
  • Rick is about to be excecuted until those 2 poeple of dave and tonys group bring dozens of people to help.
  • The whole thing turns into a big war with also a herd of walkers surroundung the whole prison.
  • Merle gets his revenge on T dog but daryl gets him back repeating the phrase "sorry brother"
  • Deaths- T -dog, Merle, Beth , Hershel, Any leftover prison survivors, Governor, Many woodbury soldiers/ right hand men, many people from dave and tony's group
  • Rick takes Sophia and Carl with him and escapes the prison; the group is split again

I heared rumors about the prison storyline lasting to season 4 as well but i dunno. I think Rick will meet Tyreese once he escapes the Prison. The group reunites and finds Alexandria safe zone. Abraham Ford and co. as well as morgan and duane are all found there.

But these are just my predictions. Feel free to post yours! and idc if you delete it its just some predictions from my brain. XD