Ok, so we all know that Rick's group and Woodbury are gonna clash but how will they even find each other?

Prediction time! Not spoilers

In the promo for When the Dead Come Knocking, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Oscar are seen hunting out of the prison.

I think that-

  • Michonne will take the men to Woodbury to get Glenn, Maggie, and Andrea
  • The 4 of them get captured and tortured like Glenn and Maggie
  • The Governor tries to convince Rick and co to give the location of the prison. Rick refuses to do so
  • Andrea evenually finds everyone locked and injured in a room. she injures the governor and removes his eye. Rick thinkis the governor has died. she helps the group escape
  • While trying to escape, Oscar gets shot by Merle
  • The Group travels back to the prison; they meet Tyreese, Julie, and Chris and takes them to the prison

End of 1st half of season-

  • the first sence second half begins with Morgan and Duane; they are seen running from a group of walkers until they stumble across a small house and defends themselves in it.
  • the govenror is seen recovering from his lost eye. he begins to send search parties to find the prison
  • Back at the prison: Rick explains what Andrea has missed from being gone from the group
  • Michonne is still pissed at Andrea but forgives her later
  • Rick explains to the group about the governor and that they should be ready to fight woodbury at some time
  • Daryl and Carol get in a relationship

Skipping to the end........

  • Michonne and Tyreese leave the prison to find some help for the battle while the others find the armory and gathers all the weapons
  • the governor eventually finds the prison himself and decides to attack at night. he brings an army (30-40 people) and the military vehicles
  • the governor breks the fences down and orders his people to bring ricks group outside and threatens Rick to give it up or else he'll kill him and everyone including the baby
  • Michonne and Tyreese dont find help but ambushes the governor and woodbury while rick's group begins to fight
  • the first one to die is hershel: he gets shot down while tryin to escape with beth. beth stops fighting and mourns over his body
  • the second to die is Axel: he gets shot by a woodbury soldier.
  • a horde of walkers invade the prison many woodbury people start being devoured
  • Merle shoots Carol and Daryl fights back killing him and stabbing him
  • Meanwhile, The governor goes up to beth still crying over hershel and just says to the governor to shoot her and he does: Maggie screams in horror.
  • Maggie gets an axe and starts killing many woodbury soldiers and shouts to the govenror: "this is for my family you son of a bitch!" and axes the govenors head, blood splattes everwhere.
  • As walkers invade the prison; Andrea brings the baby with her and begins to escape the prison; She then gets bitten on the shoulder as Michonne watches. She comes up to her and takes the baby. Andrea apologizes to Michonne for never beleiving her as she then sacrifices herself to a group of walkers. whil michonne escapes with the baby
  • Chris gets devoured too while tyreese and julie escape together
  • Deaths-Hershel, Beth, the Governor, Carol, Merle, Axel, Andrea, Chris, many woodbury survivors
  • Survivors- Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Tyreese, Julie

remember these are all just predictions and NOT spoilers

how will the rest of the season be like?