Ok. i just watched the new episode of the walking dead and i completely shcoked of what happened. apparently, andrew did survive and caused all the trouble.

We say good bye to t dog :( , he was a great character and he sacrificed himself so carol could escape. i wished he would live longer.

And lori. Lori. When she told maggie to cut her open, it was sad. i was crying so much like carl was, and it was so heart breaking to see her saying her last words to carl and eventually died when she got sliced open. Idk bout you Lori haters, but you can celebrate now

aaannnnd andrew, that son of a bitch cuased this all this. i did suspect that he survived and i was eventually right (somehow) good thing he died by the hands of oscar- oscars one of my favorites now c:

But overall, the end of the episode was sad ); Tell me what you guys think