Ok, so it has been confirmed (or I tihnk it's been confirmed) that Rick and Carl's relaetionship will develop in someway in season 4. Wheter it will be good or bad for them. Back in season 3, after Lori's death Carl really started to turn away from his dad especially when Rick brought the Woodbury people to the prison. And basically since it's now "development time", from my thinking is: Carl may die in Season 4. And don't prove me wrong and start an arguement. After Andrea's death, we basically leared that no matter how important a character is to the comic, they could die anytime in the TV series. Just like Dale-except he could've still been alive only if Mazzara wated to spend extra money. 

So im predicting that Carl could possibly die season 4 or 5 especailly since it's "development". What do you guys think?


What could Happen? :o