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    Ok so there's been plenty of ways that I noticed that hint's a characters death, but my 2 main thoeires that tells when a character will die are

    1)Character Development- There have been plenty of characters that die right when they start to develop, like T-Dog, Axel, and even Dale(when he stood up for Randall). But to me, I call it "Last-Episode Lines". Whenever a character develops, it's just a way to hear the chracter's words for the last time. (unless they will be shown in flashbacks and hallucinations).

    2)When the Character doesn't Appear in the Previous Episode- Again, something like this has happened to many characters during the season. For example, in the episode before Dale's death; he didn't appear in the episode. Same goes for T-D…

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  • Team Dixon

    Ok, so it has been confirmed (or I tihnk it's been confirmed) that Rick and Carl's relaetionship will develop in someway in season 4. Wheter it will be good or bad for them. Back in season 3, after Lori's death Carl really started to turn away from his dad especially when Rick brought the Woodbury people to the prison. And basically since it's now "development time", from my thinking is: Carl may die in Season 4. And don't prove me wrong and start an arguement. After Andrea's death, we basically leared that no matter how important a character is to the comic, they could die anytime in the TV series. Just like Dale-except he could've still been alive only if Mazzara wated to spend extra money. 

    So im predicting that Carl could possibly die s…

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  • Team Dixon


    So since the governor slaughtered almost all his people (except for Martinez and Shumpert) and the fight is still on, who will be a part of his "army"? My short theory is that it COULD be Dave and Tony's group. (Just my guess)

    What do you guys think? Will the governor attack again by himself and his two men?

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  • Team Dixon

    Season 4

    March 8, 2013 by Team Dixon

    Alright, so it's already been comfirmed that Season 4 of The Walking Dead will be made and I think it's gonna be 16 episodes again just like season 3. (which probably means another mid-season finale -.-)

    Greg Nicotero, one of the writers explained that season 4 will mainly focus on character development, rather than all the action. I think that might not be such a great idea. Season 3 had a shitload of action and deaths so it probably won't make sense if it all went down. The prison storyline is also supposedly gonna be involved in season 4.

    What do you guys think about season 4 being focused on character develpoment? Season 3 is almost coming to an end and I won't appreciate waiting 7 long months just to see characters develop and then imme…

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  • Team Dixon

    Morales' Family

    February 11, 2013 by Team Dixon

    Glen Mazzara mentioned one time that there might be a chance of us seeing Morales' family again. The last time we saw them was way back in season 1, after Rick and Shane decide to go to the CDC and Morales wanted to go to Alabama (i think that was the state)

    According to IMDb (this may be wrong) the Morales family EXCEPT Louis, is listed in the cast for the season 3 finale 'Welcome to the Tombs". I actually think it is a 50% chance it'll happen because some survivors call the prison hallways "tombs" which could refer Rick welcoming Morales' family to the "tombs".

    I thought that it would be impossible for them to return this season because they already borught back Merle and Morgan, but anyways what do you guys think about Morales' possible re…

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