Sorry if this is a bit repetitive just had to get my thoughts on the new episode and my expectations for the rest of the first half of the season.

First off lets start with the new characters:

PATRICK: I thought I would like Patrick and while he didn't annoy me I thought he wasn't a good character at all. He seemed like such a geek and those glasses looked like they didn't even fit but good job for Vincent Martella on his portrayal I was having a chuckle during his scene with Daryl. Also him being the first one to have the disease was completely unexpected. So while I didn't hate him I didn't like him. Probably would've liked him better if he had a green hairs brother but nevermind that

ZACH: What a waste. I know he was expendable and there for Beth's growth but seriously I could see some good coming out of his character. Like his playful banter, his willingness to help, and even a relationship with Beth. Anyways I was skeptical of everyone saying he would die but when zombies came crashing through the roof and saw one almost bite him I knew that was foreshadowing there for him to die in 10 minutes. Anyway, loved his character and was sad to see him go.

The Samuels: The Samuels. Interesting how they are all related. Didn't see that coming at all. By that I mean the creepy girl Lizzie having a family. I think I like the Lizzie character a bit. She is stubborn and has spunk but her sister seems bit too childish like she would run trough daisies while walkers surround her. And as for their dad was he like at story time to check and see how they were doing or something? Also before I forget, the idea that Lizzie and her sister are Ben and Billy may be true seein as how we are going back and have been getting characters and storylines we missed since middle of Season 3 (like Tyreese and we about to have serial killer storyline)

Dr. Submarine or something: Sorry I don't know how to spell and don't intend to go back and look real quick. Bit surprised at his guest star status. Hopefully this shows he will have some significance later on. Honestly hope he survives the first half of the season. I'd find it a bit unrealistic if they only have the original prison survivors survive the attack so I think Dr. S, Lizzie, and maybe Julio survive.

Bob: I like him. He seems a bit quiet and this goes with his mysterious aura. I love how they made the wine scene and made it apparent that he was an alcoholic that even some of my friends picked that up. So I can't wait to see where his character goes. One thing i didn't like was he indirectly got Zach killed but whatever haha.

Now on to the original characters and some of my words may be taken from the Making Of video seeing as they talk about the original survivors a bit.

Rick: Now honestly I didn't like his storyline within the episode. In fact I felt we could've gone the whole episode without seeing Rick and that would be okay. Nevertheless I find it perplexing he doesn't have a position in the council (I believe). That's really all I have to say.

Carl: Carl Carl Carl. First off, I like him a lot better in one episode than I did for almost all of Season 3. He is kind of balancing between being a kid and adult now seeing as how he scolds the younger kids on naming walkers but he still runs to tell his dad of Carol and the knives. Also did they say Lizzie would be his girlfriend of sorts awhile back or am I imagining that? Anyway love Carl now except I kinda wish Patrick didn't die so we could see how Carl handles friendships within the apocalypse considering he is so hardened.

Michonne: So she can smile now? Haha but anyways loved her throughout this episode. The joking manner she has with Rick and the friendly relationship she has with Carl as evident by razor and comics was awesome! I personally don't want Rick and Michonne though for no plausible reason too. I can see t working and it fits I just don't want it. Also the scene with her and the monster stand was hilarious.

Carol: Loved her line to Daryl saying how she liked him first that was funny. Now concerning the knife scene, the Making Of video says that the reason she teaches these kids how to kill and defend themselves is because she is releasing her guilt of not teaching Sophia how to defend herself which makes the scene more significant with her character as I can see. Can't wait to see her relationship with the Lizzie girl later on

Daryl: Now I know we all don't like Daryl. For me, if he wasn't the almighty cash cow, I would totally dig him. Like many other characters in the light hearted episode beginning I loved the part where he licked all his fingers then shook Patrick's hand! And seeing Daryl being allegedly praised by everyone is gonna tick me off if Rick or Michonne isn't praised. Anyway Daryl felt like kind of static chsracter throughout the episode and from the transition from Season 3 to 4.

Glenn and Maggie: Glenn is being protective and apparently doesn't want a baby. Maggie wasn't really pregnant but says she could be if they wanted it. That's al there was with them two except I thought Glenn may have been a goner for a second in the Big Spot attack. That's it though.

Beth: Alright that's all we are gonna see of Beth this season haha but I felt a bit mad she didn't cry or even look remorseful for Zach. She's a bit like Carl now. All she did was remove the 3 on a sign then walk over to Big Brother Daryl who was more sad than her. If this means we finally get to see her in some action then I'm not opposed but still she wasn't sad or anything. It seemed like she didn't care for Zach much.

Hershel: Peg leg, overalls, ass joke that was hilarious. That's all folks but I hope Hershel lives past the attack. He is both the voice of reason and a funny man.

Tyreese and Karen: Tyreese was visibly shaken by Zachs death and apparently doesn't like being on the inside or outside of the fence. As for Karen, can we please learn a bit more about her before her inevitable death. I honestly wonder why she is here cause she could be a good character but she is kinda randomly just there. Also when she was stabbing walkers through the fence she took her time and that got me mad mostly cause if I was her I would be stabbing walkers like a wild b**ch. And for their relationship I just find it a bit forced. I didn't feel any chemisty between the two really.

Sasha: Okay she should definitely be a good character. Love the sister relationship she got going on with Tyreese. Let me just say I also love SMG (and the fact her initials are sub machine gun). I hope she doesn't die. I want her to outlive Tyreese. Loved it when she randomly grabbed that stick whatever it was and stabbed the walker.

Finally for my episode analysis: Loved the light hearted mood of the first half, the good relationships between all the characters, the well played out deaths of Clara, Patrick, and Zach, the reveal of the new threat, and finally old and new characters. I guess I forgot to mention story but I only really liked 2/3 of it (Like I said the Rick and Clara sequence felt too long and boring for me) SOOO my final score is 9/10!

Upcoming expectations: Maggie actually getting pregnant, Lizzie and her sister being cared for by Carol, Governor's sudden attack, one major character dying of disease (hope it's Daryl haha), and finally the supply run and Sanctuary sequence

So this what's kinda my first review and I know I mostly reviewed the characters but I feel I also let you know of the thoughts of the episode so far so thanks for reading and sorry it was so long! Have a nice day!