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  • Tangorre

    Just finished reading The Rise of the Governor (mild spoiler alert), which raised some really interesting questions for me. Granted, it's meant to be canon to the comic series but since Robert Kirkman has his fingers in everything I think it might reflect on things in the show too.

    In the comic series (spoiler alert), the Governor goes by Phillip but is in fact Brian Blake, having assumed his brothers' name. Penny is his niece. In the TV Series, the Governor is known as Phillip and Robert Kirkman confirmed that that is indeed his real name. Here, Penny is his daughter.

    So I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on this: Are the two versions of the Governor in fact two different men? Does the TV Series represent an alternate outcome for t…

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  • Tangorre

    I know this is from a couple episodes back now ("Clear") and has already been discussed then, but I keep dwelling on this more than any other moment from the season so far. Rick and Michonne (and Carl) drove by the Hitchhiker/Backpack Guy without so much as a comment, nevermind a discussion. A lot of people mentioned how this shows how the group has 'hardened' from their experiences but I disagree. It shows how those particular three characters have.

    Does anyone really think that would have played out exactly the same if another member of the group, if Hershel, or even Daryl, were present? In those particular examples, in "Home" Daryl risked himself to help two armed strangers who were in imminent danger from walkers (I don't think he becam…

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