How will the prison fall? 

It is inevitable that, I would assume mid-season (based on the fact we get Abraham around ep.10), the prison will be attacked by the governor and destroyed, but who will die and how will this happen?

I predict that Hershel will die in a simliar fashion to his comic counterpart, shot by the governor.

I believe that Daryl will take Tyreese's fate from the comic and end up decapitated by the governor, this will further harden Carol into a stronger survivor as well as proving no-one is save. Also, either Tyreese or Daryl must die because otherwise when Abe comes in we will have Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Abraham on one team, that is too much and would just mean that they get little screentime as individuals.

Aside from the countless red-shirts deaths (all the Woodburians, aside from bad-ass rebel Mcleod), I think one more member of the group will die. Rick, Carl, Michonne and Glenn are all safe, Carol and Tyreese I'm also pretty sure will survive or it would be a waste of Tyreeses' character. Beth or Maggie still have much more to do so I'd say they're safe. That leaves Sasha. I thought Sasha could become the comic Andrea thus giving her a long life span but I'm not sure, the other obvious death is the governor.

What do you think?