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TWDfan66 December 8, 2012 User blog:TWDfan66

So hear are my death predictions for the 2nd half of s3:

Rick- safe


Judith- i doubt her death would go well on tv so safe

Hershel- Likely to die next season or late this season

Beth- Likely to die next season to create a good storyline for Carl about revenge.



Daryl-  Safe atleast until the finale but he could live for longer

Carol- Likely safe until next season

Andrea- I'm unsure she could die at the finale

Morgan- we know he's returning but he'll probaly stay in king's county and regroup in s4

Merle-  He'll probaly die in the season finale, niether the Guv or Rick like him.

The Governor- He will die next season because the prison arc goes into s4

Michonne-I would say she is as safe as Rick and Carl

Tyreese- Safe until next season.

Sasha- May die next season 

Allen and Ben- they are going to be trouble and so will probaly die.

Milton-Not sure, safe for a while

Caeser and Shupert- will die sooner or later

Axel- Will die in the prison assualt 

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