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Predictions for the Oncoming War

{Spoiler Alert}

Do not read if you are not currently caught up on issue 112.





As of now we know that Rick finally made a move on Negan and his men. He saw a good chance to take how Negan and his 8 soldiers. After Rick and co return from their trip to the Kingdom, Rick argues about how they had an agreement about how if they cooperated by offering half of their supplies, his group would be left untouched. So Rick's kind of pissed about Spencer but not as much. Lets admit that no one liked him. Rick willingly gives Negan half of the supplies and as the Saviors are leaving, Rick runs and tells Andrea to get to the tower so they can ambush them. So Andrea snipes the driver of the truck, along with another savior named Seth, while Rick, Holly, and Nicholas approach them on foot and order them not to move. As Ricks's about to pull the trigger on Negan, shots ring out shooting the guns out of their hands. Next thing you know Negan is saying that they're fucked fuckers. Turns out Negan had planned to having 16 saviors hiding in the surrounding area WITH guns.

So we know for sure that Rick, Carl, Andrea, and Michonne are gonna survive these next two issues, but what's gonna happen to everyone else? Maybe Holly and Nicholas will bite the dust. What do you guys think?

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