I've been thinking about this and wonder, what will happen when the prison arch ends in the TV Series? In the comic, Rick and Carl are on their own for a while, rejoin the others, meet Abraham and co., and deal with bandits, cannibal hunters, and the herd. Then there's Alexandria.

Now, it's been confirmed that we'll still be seeing Woodbury in Season 4, but I think it would just be one or two episodes, showing the complete aftermath of the story arch. Then maybe an episode with all of Volume 9's events, and everyone eventually regroups at the very end of the episode, and Abraham's group arrives.

Then the next two storylines in the comic will probably be skipped over, since Morgan and Duane are rumored to already appear in Season 3, though it could just be them still on their own. If not, there will be an episode focused on this.

But then you have the Ben/Billy situation, which doesn't even exist in the TV Series, so that will be skipped. That leads us right to the Hunters story arch, which will probably just be one episode's worth.

And last but not least, Alexandria Safe-Zone. Potentially, this story arch could be starting 3-4 episodes into Season 4 if they play it out that way. Personally, I think that's moving a little too fast, and I hope they add something fresh in between the Prison and ASZ to space them out a bit more. Thoughts?