The game was great, it really was. But it seemed like many of the choices (especially in Episodes 1-3) don't really change much of the storyline at all, if not a bit of dialouge. (Episode 4 nd 5's choices, I was really pleased with.) For a while I've been making this list of possible choices and results that could have happened and would have really put a bit more variety into the game.

Episode 1 – A New Day

  • CHOICE: While in the pharmacy with Lily, instead of skipping ahead to the store being overrun, you will have a quick chance to grab some extra medical supplies along with Larry’s pills.
  • CHOICE: You can choose not to save either Doug or Carley.

Episode 2 – Starved For Help

  • RESULT: If you let Mark take a shot at the bird, he will waste that extra bullet. When dealing with David and the bear trap, a walker will come up behind Mark and kill him if he doesn’t have the extra bullet. If you don’t let him take the shot, he will successfully kill the walker.
  • RESULT: If you collected extra meds in Episode 1, Katjaa will be able to save Travis. However, she will not be able to save David due to his wound being much more extreme. In the case of Travis surviving his wound, the group will not find out that everyone is infected.
  • CHOICE: If David/Travis turns, they will successfully bite and kill Katjaa if you are not quick enough.
  • CHOICE: You can choose to bring either Mark or Ben with you to inspect the fence. Whoever you bring will be shot in the shoulder with an arrow, and will become “tonight’s dinner.” If Mark is already dead, Ben will just go with you.
  • RESULT: In the meat locker, if the group doesn’t already know everyone is infected, Lily will try to revive Larry after his heart attack, while Lee and Kenny are by her side. Larry will suddenly turn, and you have a quick chance to pull Lily off and save her. If you fail, Larry will bite Lily. Kenny will then drop a salt lick on Larry’s head (and Lily’s if she’s bit). They then realize you don’t have to be bit to turn.
  • RESULT: If Katjaa is killed by David/Travis, Brenda will hold Duck hostage instead of Katjaa. Once Brenda dies, Duck will run outside in panic, where he will be grabbed by Andy.

Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead

  • RESULT: If Travis survives Episode 2, he will be killed by walkers if Carley is alive. If Doug is alive, or neither, then Travis will be killed by bandits.
  • CHOICE: If Ben is not alive in Episode 3, the bandits do not raid the Motel. Instead, Kenny finally decides to leave with you, Clem, Katjaa (if alive), and Duck. You can choose to leave either during the day or night. Day will result in Lily (if alive) and everyone else finding out getting in the RV at the last second, not wanting to be alone. Night will result in Lily and others not joining you.
  • CHOICE: You can convince Kenny to let others join you in the RV (Mark or Doug/Carley). If you don’t, they won’t join you if you leave during the night. If none are alive, then you don't bring anything up.
  • RESULT: If Lily is not alive for the raid aftermath then no one will get a bullet to the face.
  • RESULT: If Katjaa is not alive during the raid, Duck will be devoured by the attacking walker. (She is what keeps him from only getting a bite)
  • CHOICE: If Lily is alive for the raid aftermath and Ben is alive, but Doug/Carley are dead, Lily will blame Ben for being a traitor and she will try to shoot Ben. You can stop her if you are quick enough.
  • RESULT: If Lily, Ben, and Carley are all alive during the raid aftermath, you side with Lily, and Lily will kill Ben. Carley will hate you for this.

Episode 4 – Around Every Corner

  • RESULT: If Clem isn’t with you in Crawford and you shoot Molly trying to save her, she will die.
  • RESULT: If Mark is still alive in Episode 4, he will take Ben’s place as the one to possibly die in the bell tower.

Episode 5 – No Time Left

  • RESULT: If Doug/Carley is still alive in this episode, they will be the last to cross the walkway over to the one building where Kenny dies, and it will give way, and they will fall to their death.

Alternate Episode 3

**Note: These events will only occur if Ben is not alive in Episode 3**

Basically, the RV has to stop when Kenny hits a walker on the road. While stopped, they are surrounded by bandits, and they are taken captive and brought to the bandit camp. They’re not too pleased with you cutting off their main food supply, the dairy. You can choose whether or not to tell them it was human meat they were being given. At some point, you and Kenny hatch an escape plan to sneak out at night. This of course fails. If Lily is with you, she will steal the RV for herself before you can get to it. If she isn’t with you, you’ll just be stopped by bandits. Travis will be killed on sight if he is still alive at this point. You and Kenny are both interrogated to find out what you were trying to pull. You can lie, but if it isn’t close enough to what Kenny is saying in the other room, things aren’t going to go well. Eventually, a second escape plan is made. Kenny plans to lure a bunch of walkers into the area in order to create some chaos and escape. This of course works, Duck is bitten in the process. A few bandits are sent out to chase the group down, and you kill them off. You find the train, and the episode progresses from there. However, you will not meet Omid and Christa, as they will have already moved on from the highway by then.

If I missed anything, or something should be added/taken out, let me know,