Alright, now I'm going to sit down and actually write the rest of the blog. For those who haven't seen it, here is the trailer:

Now we're going to break down the trailer bit by bit.


These, we already know. But now we actually know what their role is. This time around, 400 Days consits of one episode surrounding five different protagonists: Russell, Wyatt, Vince, Shel and Bonnie. Five stories in one episode, mirroring the five episodes for one story in season one.

The Diner


A diner called "Gil's Pitstop" is one of the first things we are introduced to. I feel like it's going to be an important, or at least recurring location, as it is seen multiple times throughout the trailer, and was also seen in earlier teasers. In some shots it is shown to be fortified, suggesting it may very well be a base of operations for one of our five protagonists.


A familiar face

 In one of the next shots we see what appears to be Shel running out of the gas station and finding what seems to be a group of survivors (and Boyd?) holding a hostage at gunpoint. This may be suggesting that some, if not all, of these events take place before the end of season one, or possibly after, or that might not be Boyd at all, who knows.

Multiple Short Shots

After the diner scenes, there are a few short glimpses into the five stories. First we have Vince holding someone at gunpoint in the middle of the night in a house. Then we have what appears to be Bonnie I think with someone who could he her husband. A third shot shows Shel and some other girl, possibly her daughter seen as a kid in the photo shown in the Vine from last week, and some dude in the background tuning a guitar. Then we see Wyatt and a friend of his driving through a wooded area in the fog. Mysterious. Lastly, we see Russell walking down a road.

Prison Bus


Well, I guess we know what happened to Vince. He and his fellow inmates (and security person) are witnessing someone getting attacked outside by what seems to be a group of walkers from inside a prison bus, and no one really seems to be pleased about the sight. His story might revolve around surviving with the other inmates or something, I don't know.



Next we have a quick shot of Russell still walking down a road carrying a backpack. Could he be trying to get away from something or someone? Is he the remaining member of a now-deceased group? Maybe this dude in the pickup truck will tell us.

Really Short Scene with a Walker


Not much can really be explained in this scene, since it's just a half second of a pair of legs and a walker. Still, it's a pretty cool half second scene of a pair of legs and a walker. That might be Wyatt being the one attacked, actually. No proof on it, but I feel like that's him. Judging by the fact that he was just seen in a car with someone, and in a later scene they are being chased. Though it could very well be Russell, who is also on the road.

Wheat/Corn Field


The next scene is Bonnie, who also seems to be on the run from something (I'm sensing a pattern here). Whatever is after her seems to be close by, it's probably a car or someone with a really big flashlight. And no, chances are it's not the St. John's. They're not the only ones with a wheat field.

Shel's Pet Walker


A very recurring theme in The Walking Dead is pet walkers tied to chains, and it looks like Shel joined in on that trend. Who could her walker friend be? It's certainly not her daughter, her one friend, or the dude playing the guitar in the background. We'll have to wait and see. Who knows, she could just be scavenging some random house and it's someone she doesn't even know.

Foggy Car Chase


This is the one chase I mentioned earlier. Wyatt and his accosiate are seen trying to get away from someone else. I don't think it's the police, or else we would see lights flashing. Maybe it is, and they just didn't bother putting lighting into the game, who knows. Either way, Wyatt looks like he's ready to defend himself.

Diner Time Lapse

Our last shots are a stop-motion type shot of the diner once again, this time trying to show time passing from day to night, and repeating. As time passes, the diner becomes more and more fortified, with some vehicles appearing then dissappering. We're then left with the Walking Dead: 400 Days title.

The new DLC is set to come out sometime in July, so thankfully it's not too far off. Until then, speculate what you want from the trailer.