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Melissa McBride and Scott Wilson also series regulars?

So today, just surfing on the interwebs, I found an intersting article. In it, Carol's actress, Melissa McBride, confirms herself to be a series regular despite her being displayed as a guest star in the opening scenes. Apparently, AMC has the contractual option to place an actor's name in whatever credit spot they want, and choose to place her name in the place resereved for Guest stars. Why? The article doesn't say or have any information, yet also states that Hershel's actor, Scott Wilson, is a series regular, yet is in the same boat as Melissa.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything?

Here's the link to the article, but doesn't say much more than what I resumed on top. http://tvline.com/2013/04/04/walking-dead-melissa-mcbride-series-regular/

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