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Saw that no one made a blog yet so I'll start us off. So after reading 110, we get to know Ezekiel alot better. I especially loved Ezekiel's interactions with Michonne, it seemed alot more grounded than King Ezekiel. Ezekiel's backstory also made alot of sense with rescuing Shiva and taking care of her. Letter hacks also cleared up the feeding issue, with tigers only needing 70 lbs of meat a week, but still seems unrealistic. I felt as though this issue served as a precursor for way cooler things to come, with Negan's bloody knife in 111. Rick and Eugene's interaction was also nice, since we haven't seen much of them together, or even Eugene as of late. Maybe Eugene is gonna get a bigger role in the upcoming events? I would personally like that, his character badly needs it. 

Rick also stationg that tommorow, we go to war, was pretty cool and like I said, better things are to come very soon.

So anyway, what were you're opinions of 110?

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