First off i'd like to say I've basically been viewing this Wiki for about a year now and the community is just terrific and would like to congratulate you all, and that I basically created an account for making this and future blogs. 

Now onto what I have to say. Robert Kirkman explained the inconsistencies between the two Lilly's from the Novels and the TellTale Video Game that supposedly explain what happened to Lilly from the Comics before Woodbury, in the Issue 106 Letter Hacks.

In the Letter Hacks, a reader asks him about the inconsistencies, and RK responds saying that there are two Lilly's in the continuation of the Comics, Video Game Lilly and Novel Lilly, and that Novel Lilly is the one from the Comics, not Video Game Lilly, and that Video Game Lilly is just a different Lilly.

I know that this contredicts some other statements and theories but coming from RK this is official.

This was just to inform you of this and clear up the confusion.

Discuss and continue to be awesome!