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    Issue 110 opinions

    May 9, 2013 by Super Jet


    Saw that no one made a blog yet so I'll start us off. So after reading 110, we get to know Ezekiel alot better. I especially loved Ezekiel's interactions with Michonne, it seemed alot more grounded than King Ezekiel. Ezekiel's backstory also made alot of sense with rescuing Shiva and taking care of her. Letter hacks also cleared up the feeding issue, with tigers only needing 70 lbs of meat a week, but still seems unrealistic. I felt as though this issue served as a precursor for way cooler things to come, with Negan's bloody knife in 111. Rick and Eugene's interaction was also nice, since we haven't seen much of them together, or even Eugene as of late. Maybe Eugene is gonna get a bigger role in the upcoming events? I would p…

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  • Super Jet

    So we all know that the third novel The Fall of the Governor is coming out this fall, and that it will tell the story of the prison assault from Brian's point of view, but in issue 109 letter hacks, someone asks R.K about the fate of Lilly and the others that remained in Woodury, and he says that the answers to those questions and more would be answered in the upcoming novel, so anyone have theories as to what happened to them? And if they lived would they make a fourth novel on their lives in the prison and/or Woodbury?

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  • Super Jet

    So today, just surfing on the interwebs, I found an intersting article. In it, Carol's actress, Melissa McBride, confirms herself to be a series regular despite her being displayed as a guest star in the opening scenes. Apparently, AMC has the contractual option to place an actor's name in whatever credit spot they want, and choose to place her name in the place resereved for Guest stars. Why? The article doesn't say or have any information, yet also states that Hershel's actor, Scott Wilson, is a series regular, yet is in the same boat as Melissa.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Anything?

    Here's the link to the article, but doesn't say much more than what I resumed on top. http://tvline.com/2013/04/04/walking-dead-melissa-mcbride-series-regular/

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  • Super Jet

    Did anyone else notice that characters like Dr. Stevens and Rowan just disappeared? They were Guest cast but only show up in like 2 episodes.So whatever happened to them? Did they end up being background characters and stayed in Woodbury all the time? And did they stay in Woodbury only to join the group in the bus and we just didn't see them?

    Also for Season 4, if Dr. Stevens did migrate to the prison, she could evolve more into guest cast because of her medical profession. 

    Edit: Other missing characters like Eileen and Noah. Where the f*** did they go!?

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  • Super Jet

    After viewing this weeks episode Arrow on the doorpost, I noticed a change in Milton's chracter. I could see him being more humane, understanding and generally growing into the opposite of the Governor. Could he be the dissenter or the traitor in the description of the next episode Prey? Also in the promos we see Milton being pushed and overpowered by the Governor, willl this strain their relationship and make Milton want to leave and join Rick to warn him about valuable information he may need? He's got a good thing going with Herschel too :p

    Side note: Also in the promos for Prey we see Andrea warning Tyreese and Sasha about the Governors ways. Would this persuade Tyreeses' group to leave Woodbury, possibly with Milton to lead him to the pri…

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