Hello fellow Walking Dead fans, I am a new user on here and am excited to be part of this wiki as I have been a long time lurker around here and now I have finally joined :). 

Anyways onto the topic of discussion in "Too Far Gone" a little bit before the 39 minute mark you see the tank firing at the little cross bridge (or whatever it's called) between the cell blocks. Towards the bottom of the screen just before it fires you see what appears to be Tyreese running away (most likely after the children). It might be possible that while running in that direction he may have picked up Judith. I know it's far fetched and what not as there's probably more evidence that she is dead with the baby carrier covered in blood, if he did pick Judith up why didn't he just take the carrier too, and in the promo for the second half of the season Tyreese does not appear to have Judith at all. I would love to hear your guys opinion on this even if Judith's fate has already been discussed to death (pun intended... maybe).

Also sorry if this specific topic has already been discussed, I checked and didn't see anything.