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    Hello everyone, there have recently been a couple of blog posts speculating how long the TV series will last and there have been predictions of it going on for 9 plus years. That, IMO, is waaaaaaayyyyy too long. Breaking Bad, IMO, ended with you wanting more but being satsified all at the same time which is exactly how a series SHOULD end. So how long should the Walking Dead last, well this is how I have the next couple of years planned out.

    Season 4B:

    This should have a couple of episodes of the separate groups, intro to Abraham's group, reintroduction to Morgan and Carol, about 2 episodes dedicated to the hunters, and the season finale being Aaron introducing himself to the group with the group looking shocked at his appearance. This would…

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  • Stuffandthangs

    The New TV Andrea?

    December 8, 2013 by Stuffandthangs

    I'm pretty sure that everybody was disappointed with the TV version of Andrea in Season 2 and definitely in Season 3, but I'm pretty sure few of us predicted that she would die. Ever since then there has speculation about who would take her place in the TV show especially since her comic counterpart is one of the most popular characters in the comic series. Some have said that her character would be split between Sasha, Maggie, and Carol. While I do see elements of Andrea in them, who would take her place as Rick's future love interst? Maggie is obviously out because of Glenn. I see Sasha striking up a relationship with Bob in this upcoming season and Carol has the indestructible and ever so beloved Daryl.

    So that leads me up to my predicat…

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  • Stuffandthangs

    Judith Still Alive?

    December 5, 2013 by Stuffandthangs

    Hello fellow Walking Dead fans, I am a new user on here and am excited to be part of this wiki as I have been a long time lurker around here and now I have finally joined :). 

    Anyways onto the topic of discussion in "Too Far Gone" a little bit before the 39 minute mark you see the tank firing at the little cross bridge (or whatever it's called) between the cell blocks. Towards the bottom of the screen just before it fires you see what appears to be Tyreese running away (most likely after the children). It might be possible that while running in that direction he may have picked up Judith. I know it's far fetched and what not as there's probably more evidence that she is dead with the baby carrier covered in blood, if he did pick Judith up w…

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