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  • Stormthief

    Social game...again.

    September 7, 2012 by Stormthief

    They seemed to have made some minor adjustments to the social facebook game... I miss the free ammo cause we all hated the energy crisis but they have made it easier to collect energy after a kill or picking up items around camp.

    yay or nay for the changes and if you are playing what do you want to see fixed or added, I think since it is STILL in open beta phase they seem (who ever makes the game) are sorta kinda listening to the game players.

    • free ammo has been revived in the game.
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  • Stormthief

    Well I rarely play facebook games because of the horrific spam and terrible graphics but I gave in and started to play the walking dead ( still in beta phase) anyone else playing? plan to? any opinons on your game play or advoiding it?

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  • Stormthief


    In the book she gives birth (shes not yet far along for that.) in the prison and her and the baby die....

    Do you think at all during the TV show (beacuse we all know TV changes a lot of things.) Lori wll get killed like the story goes? I honestly have a huge distaste for her character Thats why I am asking.

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  • Stormthief

    any tips or good ideas to have a baby live through the zombie horde? ( no I wont kill him or eat him...)

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