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What will happen with the Prison arc?

I am curious as to how the Prison arc will play out. What with it being the home to Rick's now much larger group and the gravesite for the fallen members.

It has been confirmed that the Prison will feature in Season 4, and there will be visits to a supermarket/military camp. There are rumours of Morgan's apartment being restored to how it looked in "Clear".

So here's the thing...

What if when we rejoin the group, supplies are beginning to run out, tensions are high and the group is forced to go further afield in order to get food. Glenn will stumble across the store and possibly find another group living there. Things may be hostile at first, but may either smooth out or reach all out war. Morgan's apartment may turn into a place of refuge if the Prison is lost.

It was also said that walkers will become a lot more dangerous. In the first half of the season, the group will encounter a few herds that could kill off a few characters. Maybe... Almost definitely...

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