So everyone has pretty much stared continuously in awe at the Season 4 trailer.

And something that I picked up on, or at leats everyone picked up on, was the Prison's build up of walkers on the fence at Tower 3. This no doubt causes a problem as the fence later starts to collapse under the relentless force of the walkers. Now my theory here is that this will be some sort of catalyst that will at least make the group really contemplate the prospect of abandoning the Prison. 

What I really wanna do is run some scenarios by you guys and see what you think is most likely. We all know that someone lured all those walkers to the fence with meat. Human or otherwise. Some of the group see the fence start to buckle under the walker's force and weight. They rush down and the fence starts to fall and they are faced with trying to keep it up.

  • Scenario 1: The fence is succesfully put back up and a small team goes outside the fences to help clear the walkers or at least thin them out. Few or next to no casualties. It also prompts the group to actively seek who was responsible for luring the walkers there. Some of the group seriously begin to doubt the security and safety of the Prison especially after the walker incident in Cell Block D.
  • Scenario 2: The fence falls and the group are forced to seal off the path between the inner and the now comprimised outer fences. A fair amount of casualties as the walkers pour in through the downed fence killing anyone who was cut off from the main group or anyone trapped under the fence as it fell. Again, many contemplate leaving the Prison and they seek out the traitor.
  • Scenario 3: The fence falls, the group retreats. Many are killed by walkers. The walkers start to try and bring down the inner fence (possibly). The group start to quickly gather what they can and pile into the cars as the walkers break into the courtyard, killing a few stragglers. Rick opens the gates before climbing back inside the car and fleeing the now overrun Prison as the walkers make their way down into the tombs, once again infesting the Prison. The group are once again forced to constantly travel across the country, moving frim place to place, never able to keep anyone safe for long. They are also faced with the trutrh that -regardless of any human intervention- the walkers will undoubtedly wipe them out. They then hear the transmission that Daryl, Bob, Tyreese and Sasha (It 'is' Sasha, right?) heard while on a suppily run. 

What do you guys think is most likely, or do think something entirely different will happen?