The trailer for Episode Four of TellTale Games' The Walking Dead dropped not too long ago, showing us Walking Dead fans what we can be looking forward to in 'Amid the Ruins'. Off the bat, we can see that the walkers/roamers/biters/whatever you fancy calling them will have quite the large presence this time around.

Before they were just some nuisance you had to deal with in order to carry on your journey, but now the seem to be something of an actual threat. Our heroes are lost - scattered to the trees and looking to survive. Towards the end it seems that the undead will have our ragtag group of survivors cornered, with nowhere to run.

But never mind that! Kenny is depressed???

As we heard Kenny say in the trailer, he was almost at peace when Carver was bashing his brains in with a radio. He had accepted the fact that he was probably going to die, but I guess he was okay with it as long as Clementine wasn't killed in his place.

Alas, fate had other ideas and Kenny survived his beating with the big bad and got revenge for his eye... And Walt. And Reggie. And Alvin. Hell, he'd probably throw Lee into that list too. Because why not, right?

Kenny's choice of words have caused people to suspect that he wanted to die. In fact, they think he still wants to die. And now with Sarita in poor shape having been bitten by a zombie and determinately having part of her arm cut off by Clementine, Kenny is going to be in worse shape than ever.

Now I know people think Kenny wants to die, but does he really? Why would Kenny, who detests the idea of taking the easy way out, want to do so himself? He didn't after Katjaa and Duck, or even after Ben and Lee and after finding out about Omid. He certainly didn't after Walter and Matthew, why would he now?

I think it comes down to a simple case of saying Kenny doesn't actually want to die. However, in a world where there is always something that wants you dead, it's safe to sat that Kenny has more or less come to terms with the fact that he is eventually going to die. He faced certain death twice and still came back from the brink, so he probably thinks his chances of survival are getting slimmer every time. His luck is running out as time goes on, he knows his days are numbered.

He is ready for death.

In my mind, Kenny won't commit suicide, it just isn't him. However, he has become pretty much devoted to keeping Clementine alive. If he is going to die, it's going to be while protecting her.

Towards the end if the trailer, we saw the group trapped in what can be assumed as the observatory of the War Memorial site - facing off against an alarming amount of hungry shambling corpses. One of the last shots we see is of Kenny and Mike in an epic staring contest with walkers as they sauntered closer to their targets. Now people do suspect that Kenny is going to be one of the ones who dies in this episode. If that is the case, here is how I want him to go out...

The group are trapped, Rebecca is going into labour - her screams are attracting the unwanted attention of the undead. As they shamble closer, one person stays behind to help deliver the baby, most likely this person will be Sarah or Bonnie. The rest of the group takes up arms - staring the god of death straight in the face and saying, "Not today!" (Ha, Game of Thrones reference!)

The walkers are pounding on the walls, on the gates, on the doors - a relentless force that threatens to destroy them all. As they repel one lot of walkers, it dawns on them - more are coming. It's decided that you'll take them head on, stop them from getting any closer of die trying. Kenny, Mike and anyone else who volunteers venture out into the wilderness, facing the herd and taking on as many as they can. You stay behind to watch over Rebecca, keeping her safe from any potential threat.

As Kenny's group tackles the herd, the odds become increasingly stacked against them. Some of the group will fall. They will die protecting Rebecca's child if it's the last thing they ever do. If Kenny is to die there, that is how he will go. He will die doing something good and taking as many of the dead along with him as he can. Of course, as Clementine it is most likely we will be given the chance to save him - he will tell us not to. Kenny will tell us to leave him be. I wouldn't be surprised that as he slashes away in his final moments, he cries out for every single person he cares about that was taken by the undead.

"This is for Katjaa and Duck and Lee and everyone else I cared about that you fuckers took down!" As they tear into him he may even let out one last statement saying, "I'll say hi to Lee for you, Clementine!" But that is just cheesy and wishful thinking.

I don't know exactly what I tried to achieve with this. Perhaps I'm just trying to say that if Kenny is going to bite the dust, he's going to go out in a blaze of glory. As he should.