So I recently made a post that showed what I think may happen in Season 4 of 'The Walking Dead'.

I did episode 1, and following some feedback, I've made a few changes.

  • Morgan does not show up at the end of the episode
  • Martinez doesn't immediately say he's leaving but instead protests to going back to Woodbury. To which the Governor will still glare!
  • Carl still doesn't trust the Woodbury citizens.
  • It's only been 3-4 months since the Woodbury assualt, but it has been a year since Lori and T-Dog's deaths and Judith's birth

Episode 1is here -->

Moving on!

Episode 2 - Welcome To The Land of The Living

The episode opens with a walker shuffling about outside the gates of Woodbury. Suddenly it is killed after Martinez swings his baseball bat at its head, killing it instantly. A heavily armed Governor and Shumpert then enter through the gates and open fire on the few walkers roaming the streets. While the Governor guns down more walkers that pile into the streets from the houses, Martinez and Shumpert attempt to close the gates, only to find they're jammed open. Giving up they return to helping clear out the streets. Just as they start to thin out the walkers, a car comes racing down the street. The Governor opens fire, smashing the windshield and wounding someone in the passenger seat. The car races past him, heading for the gates. Martinez narrowly avoids being hit by the car but Shumpert is clipped by it and is sent sprawling into the gates.

The car races away from Woodbury. A time lapse shows the car driving down deserted streets and highways until it unknowingly arrives at the Prison at night.

We catch up to the events of last time, and Rick points his rifle at the car as walkers swarm the vehicle. A man from behind the wheel frantically yells at Rick to help him and his passenger. Rick, realising they have no windshield, lowers the rifle and pulls out his handgun. He starts to pick off walkers from the car when Karen runs down to see what's going on. Behind them the lights of the Cell Block flicker on as a half dressed Glenn, Daryl and Tyrese come racing down towards the gates. They all assist in clearing out the walkers. When it is thought to be safe enough, Rick opens the gates and instructs the driver to hurry up and get in. They drive in and the gate is shut behind them. A walker stuck on the bonnet of the car is swiftly killed by Tyrese with his hammer. Rick points his gun at the car and orders the occupants to leave their car. The man promptly exits while the passenger, a woman, feebly opens the door but does not get up having been shot. The man asks that he save her if they can. It is revealed the man and woman are Chase and Kelly from the Webisodes.

As more and more people come out of the Cell Blocks to find out what's happening, Rick instructs Chase to help him carry Kelly indoors. He tells Glenn to hurry inside and wake Hershel and Dr Stevens, saying they've got a wounded survivor. As Glenn runs off, Rick and Chase carry an incapacitated Kelly up to the Cell Block. As they reach the doors, Carl comes outside and points a gun at Chase and Kelly. Rick tells him to put it away and that they need their help. After some hesitation, Carl lowers his gun and steps aside. As Rick, Chase and Kelly enter the Cell Block they are met by Dr Stevens who immediately starts to give orders. She instructs Rick and Chase to carry her into one of the cells and lay her down. They comply and soon Kelly is lying in Rick's cell. Dr Stevens rushes off and returns moments later with medical supplies. Hershel finally joins her and tells Rick to wait outside. Rick agrees but Chase says he wants to stay with her. Rick pulls him from the cell and slams the cell door closed. As Chase struggles to try and regain access to the cell, Rick pins him to the wall. He reassures him that Kelly's in good hands and that he needs to trust him. Chase relents and Rick backs off. Chase then finally introduces himself and Kelly to Rick.

Meanwhile in Woodbury, the Governor, Martinez, and an injured Shumpert rest in the Governor's old appartment. While Martinez has raided Dr Steven's office and found some pain killers left behind by scavengers in order to help relieve Shumpert of his pain, the Governor has mearly sat and watched. After a few minutes of talking about supplies, the Governor gets up and leaves the apartment. Martinez gets up and follows him into the street which is now clear of walkers and sealed off with the gates unjammed and closed. He asks where the Governor's going to which he repliies "I gave Milton a job to do before I left. Time to see if he's done it." He turns to leave but looks back at Martinez saying "I'm not the Governor anymore. I'm not the Governor of anything. It's just Phillip." He walks off towards the interrogation rooms.

Martinez returns to Shumpert and shuts the door. Shumpert asks what's going on with the Governor, to which Martinez simply says he doesn't know. As Martinez sits down next to Shumpert he says that he worried about the Governor, thinking he's not fit to be leader anymore. Shumpert asks what he plans to do, and Martinez says he's thinking of leaving and that Shumpert can come with him if he wants. Shumpert says he'l lthink about it, but for now he should just carry on as normal.

Phillip reaches the room where Andrea was held. He pulls out a combat knife and cautiously opens the door, expecting an undead Milton to lunge at him. He's surprised however to find Milton's rotting corpse with a pair of pliers sticking out of it's head. He spots the pool of blood next to the door and assumes that it belongs to Andrea. He chuckles to himself and closes the door. As he walks away he repeats his last words to Milton. "You kill or you die, or you die and you kill!"

Back at the Prison, it's morning and Hershel and Dr Stevens have succesfully saved Kelly. However she's still unconcious. Chase recounts his tales to Rick and the rest of the group. He talks about Haaris and the events of the storage facility. He goes onto say that he and Kelly tended to avoid cities and large groups. In the time they spent on the road, he and Kelly became close. He brings the group up to speed with the shooting at Woodbury, with everyone else completely oblivious to the fact it was Phillip. Rick realises they're telling the truth and says they're welcome to stay for a little longer. He also cautions them, saying if he gets the smallest incling they can't be trusted he'll kick them out. When everyone dispearses, Maggie pulls Glenn aside and asks if they can actually can trust them. Glenn says he's not sure, but trusts that Rick knows what to do. 

At the same time, Carl tells Rick to just kill Chase and Kelly and save the risk. Rick glares at Carl before saying that Carl should never think like that. He says Carl has to stop shutting down and try and go back to being a kid. He asks if that's what he thinks Lori would want, for him to be as emotionless as a walker. Carl storms off into the Prison. As Rick is about to take off after Carl, he hears Kelly gasping for air as she sits up startled and wincing with pain. He enters the cell with Chase, Hershel, and Dr Stevens close behind. Chase is first to her. They embrace somewhat feebly due to Kelly's weakened state. Chase jokes to Kelly, welcoming her back to the land of the living.

Rick walks outside into the courtyard, leaving Chase and the others to continue with their business. Karen, Daryl, Carol and Glenn join him. Karen asks if Chase and Kelly are staying. Rick turns to Daryl and Glenn and they confer. Eventually the agree that they'll wait until Kelly is well enough to travel before they make a decision. 

Back at Woodbury, Phillip stands on the wall looking out into the deserted streets. Martinez joins him. He talks about Shumpert and asks why Phillip didn't help him. "Because I knew you would/" The Governor replies. Suddenly, they spy a lone walker wallking down the street towards the wall. Phillip waits until the walker reaches the wall before shooting it in the head. He manages a grin as he watches the walker slump to the ground at the wall. He looks up down the street and suddenly stares in horror at something in the distance. Martinez looks to see what it is and spots what Phillip is horrified at. 

At the other end of the street, a large herd of walkers shambles along towards the walls of Woodbury,

Well, there you go! I completed episode two. Well, my version anyway. Honestly I think AMC should hire me to figure out the plot for Season 4. But that's me being obnoxious...

So let me know what you think. And be careful around Louis Swarez! He may well turn out to be a walker...