I've been thinking about Season 4, and what could happen in lets say... episodes 1 and 2. So here goes!

Episode 1 - Life Among Them

Almost a year after the battle betwwen the Prison group and Woodbury, Andrea's death, the massacre, and the unfication of the two groups, the prison has been cleared out completely of walkers. The breaches in the Prison's perimeter have been patched up, and the Woodbury citizens have spread out amongst the cells. There's also power and hot water available, with both being powered by the Prison's generators that the group a while back after completely clearing the Prison. Rick around the grassy area at the front of the Prison. He looks sad. That day a year ago, Lori and T-Dog died, and Judith was born. He kneels down between their graves and says how sorry he is. He also talks about how things are better now. That they are finally able to start living. He speaks to Lori as if she's stilll alive, saying that Judith said her first word a coulple of days ago, and that she spoke Beth's name. Rick goes on to say that he hopes that her, T-Dog, Andrea, and everyone they lost are at peace. He walks away muttering "I'm sorry" to himself.

Inside, people are celebrating Judith's birthday. Carol, Beth, and a few other Woodbury residents had made some party food for everyone from some supplies picked up a while back. While most of the large group has gathered fot the party, and with Judith playing with some other infants as well, there are those that aren't participating. Carl is in his cell, depressed due to this being the anniversary of his mother's death. Glenn and Maggie are planning their wedding, but check in with everyone else once in a while. Michonne talks to Andrea, although she isn't actually there. 

Meanwhile, the Governor, Martinez, and Shumpert huddle in an old abandoned National Guard outpost. Martinez and Shumpert have grown to seriously distrust the Governor. They talk about their next move. Martinez says head to the coast in the hope that it'll be mostly deserted. Shumpert remains silent. The Governor says head back to Woodbury and see who's still there. Martinez says that it's been nearly a year and they never went back before, and asks why he wants to go back now. The Governor responds by saying that the only reason they never went back before was because he wasn't ready. 

Outside, Rick finds Karen, and the two share a kiss. They started going out quite recently. Karen brings up Lori, saying she knows about what happened. She talks about her husband, who was killed by walkers before she and Noah stumbled upon Woodbury. As Rick begins to open up about Lori, they're interrupted by the sight of Tyrese and Noah opening the gates as Daryl's motorcycle rumbles through. They shut the gates behind them and Daryl pulls up next to Rick. his vest is bloodied with walker blood. He clims off of the bike and sprints towards the cell block. As he bursts through the door, he pulls off his back pack and places it on a nearby table. He pulls out some drinks, some being alcohol, and a bag. He walks over to Judith, and pulls out a stuffed bear. Judithis excited by this and hugs the bear. Daryl stands back and is met by Carol. The two hug as they watch a joyful Judith play with the bear.

Later while gathered around a makeshift fire, The Governor speaks to Martinez saying he knows he doesn't tust him fully anymore, saying that while he never said anything he had figured it out, and that he cain't undo anything he did. Martinez says that he shouldn't have killed so many people. The Woodbury army, various other survivors, including children. Martinez announces that once he gets back to Woodbury, he's leaving. He also says that if he finds Rick's group, he'll them the Governor's dead, so at least then they'll never thinl to come after him. The Governor thanks him, but as Martinez walks off, the Governor glares at him.

At night, after the party, Rick, Daryl, Hershel, Glenn, Michonne, Tyrese, Carol and Karen are gathered together sharing a drink. Rick says that while they enjoyed themselves today, everything is back to normal tomorrow.They talk about the next supply runs. They debate where to go as almost all the surrounding areas, including Woodbury, have been picked clean. Hershel says he started growing some fruits and vegetables in his own garden so at least they will have fresh foods in the future. Carol says that might take too long, to which Rick agrees. Daryl suggests going even further out than before. While Tyrese agrees, Carol and Karen don't, saying that it'll require too much fuel. Rick agrees with the two women. He then says that it isn't fully important just now as they alreadty have more than enough supplies to keep them going for another few months. They all retire to go to sleep.

Later that night, Rick walks around outside, unable to sleep. He loosly clutches a rifle as he looks along the fences at the walkers surrounding the Prison. He hears a noise from behind and turns to see Karen, who is also unable to sleep. They discuss the walkers on the other side of the fences. Rick says they make a good defence, and that it deters attackers. Karen remarks saying that it feels like they're trapping them in as well as keeping otheres out. She brings Lori once again, and says that Rick was about to say something before Daryl interrupted them. Rick says that whenever he does something he shouldn't, he sees Lori. Karen asks if he saw her when they started dating. Rick says no. Karen smiles and rests her head on his right shoulder. She jokes that if it weren't for the walkers, it would be a really quiet and peaceful night. 

A moment later, the sound of a car engine is heard at the gates, and headlights shine into the courtyard. Rick tells Karen to stay where she is and rushes down towards the gates. He points his rifle at the car which is now being suttounded by walkers. He lowers his rifle and stares into the car in disbelief. It's Morgan.

Ok, so that's my thoughts on episode one. I may do episode two later. Maybe. I will concede that the party thing is a little far fetched, possibly. But I like the idea that it represents the group returning to a state of normality and humanity. Which was kind of lost over the course of the outbreak...

now I'm thinking of Dale. I wonder what he'd say? "If you keep idolising Daryl, you're no better than the walkers!"

Oh well, live long and prosper.

Although I guess that's sort of ironic, given the subject matter of the show...